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Len Clements MLM ExpertOne vocal supporter of Usana has been Len Clements, an owner of a multi-level marketing company. Len Clements has called himself a “watchdog” of MLM, but it seems he’s most interested in keeping the MLM business model alive (for obvious reasons) no matter the effects on participants.

Len Clements has been frustrated because little attention has been paid to some things he’s written in rebuttal to the various reports Barry Minkow and team (including me) have released. The writings of Len Clements are a bit painful to read, as he often doesn’t articulate clear points, and his sarcasm and disrespect toward the other side ruin what little credibility he might otherwise have.

Len Clements went crazy on the Yahoo discussion board to this earlier this week, posting as mwave43:

Okay you arrogant ass, you’ve broken me! Now I’m pissed. Congratulations!

How dare you even suggest that I don’t answer questions that are asked of me. I JUST SPENT SIX GDF HOURS ON THIS BOARD ANSWERING YOUR PETTY, NIT-PICKY, PETHITIC, EVASIVE, COWARDLY QUESTIONS! Oh, I’m sure there’s your favorite somewhere that I’ve missed today. SO SORRY I DID’T SPENT 7 HOURS!

Show me where I’ve asked one specific question related to Minkow’s report, like, oh the four I started this who useless, time wasting adventure with, that anyone has given a direct answer to. Come on big guy. SHOW ME ONE! ONE!!!

Your side won’t answer anything I ask because they CAN’T answer anything I ask! All you can do is repeat the same original accusations over and over and over and over.

You are all a bunch of cowards who either are directly involved with Minkow, or you make money when Usana stock goes down. You throw out all this high-and-mighty crap about us being evil scumbags who only care about lining our own pockets, all the while you are trying desperately to wreck a company, and the livelihoods of thousands of distributors who feed their families with their Usana income (oh, I forgot, if you become successful in an MLM company you are not proof the anti-MLM zealots are wrong, you simply get reclassified from victim to perpetrator – sorry, forgot how your silly game works). Oh, and the over 800 EMPLOYEES of Usana who’s sole income you’re destroy, what about them? Are they “evil scumbags” too? Or just honest folks trying to earn a living? And what about the tens-of-thousands of other stock Usana investors, thousands of which are just regular folks like us (not institutions or insiders)? Hell, screw them, too. As long as YOU profit from their challenges, screw ’em all!

You hypocritical, pompous, self-delusional asses are the real scumbags. You’re actions on this board are far more insidious that anyone here trying to defend their living. YOU MAKE MONEY OFF OF OTHER PEOPLE’S PAIN! But the difference between you and us is that we honestly believe we’re not going to hurt someone when we get them to join an MLM (although many hurt themselves by not doing anything to not get hurt! — like work!). But YOU ALL… YOU ABSOLUTELY KNOW WHAT YOU’RE DOING, IF YOU’RE SUCCESSFUL, IS GOING TO HURT PEOPLE, BADLY! Do you even begin to comprehend the irony and hypocrisy of your accusations that WE do this?

“If things were true the first time, you would not have to edit – ie., spin it some more, in a different fashion, would you? You are once more not being honest.”

I picked this absurd comment only because it is the epitome of how you all defend yourself. It has absolutely NOTHING to do with any actual point, and everything to do with trying to discredit the source of the point. BECAUSE NONE OF YOU CAN DISCREDIT MY ACTUAL POINTS! I dare you, I challenge you, go back to the original four questions I asked in the beginning and give me a direct answer to refute it. Oh wait. I forgot. You can?t. BECAUSE ONE OF YOU COWARDS HAD IT REMOVED!

YouRunYourMouth, my comments about Waitley’s PhD and the AG’s statements (the only things I’ve changed in my report) WERE TRUE THE FIRST TIME I WROTE THEM. The way I “spun it in a different fashion” was to ADD EVIDENCE TO BACK UP MY REBUTTAL TO EACH OF THEM!

Get at least a clue of what the hell you’re talking about before you post!

Now I’ve really got to get out of here before I say something that gets me banned from this board.


P.S. Here’s another challenge, COWARDS. Prove me wrong and don’t go crying to Yahoo and tattle on me. Man up and respond to me, or prove I’m right and have this post removed.

I’ll let that speak for itself.

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