Victim of Michael McGee’s crimes is interviewed

Today’s federal charges against Milwaukee alderman Michael McGee (Jackson) are becoming clearer as the media talks to witnesses.

WISN 12 News in Milwaukee interviewed Ajit Singh, who owns 2 gas stations in McGee’s district. He says he was forced to pay McGee/Jackson in order to help get his 24-hour operating licenses renewed. He had two licenses up for renewal, and McGee demanded $2,000 to help him get them renewed.

The evidence of the crimes allegedly includes recordings from an undercover agent wearing a wire, as well as recordings of phone conversations. When Singh handed McGee the money, an undercover agent was allegedly present.

State charges were filed today as well, but they are under seal as of right now. The charges are related to “substantial battery,” and it is believed that McGee threatened violence against someone in this shakedown scheme.

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