A Note of Support for James Harris


Conservative blogger and radio show host James Harris recently gave a speech that he calls “an anti-affirmative action address that I gave for a breakout session” at a black state employees’ convention.

The words James spoke were not popular. He had to be escorted from the room. He had to leave. Why? He quoted sociologist George Gilder:

There is only one force in this world that is capable of controlling a teenage male: his father. Women, you can either let black men rule their households as husbands and fathers or hide in your homes with doors locked as they rule the streets in roving gangs. If you don’t believe me visit any inner-city neighborhood, if you dare.

These words apparently are so inflammatory to blacks, that George Gilder was kicked off The Oprah Winfrey Show when he said them, and Oprah apologized for having a “racist” on the show.

I live in the city. Every weekend many in the city play a guessing game. How many people got shot this weekend? Gang bangers, drug dealers, or innocent bystanders? Sadly, the count usual includes the latter.

James is right when he says:

There is no mystery here. In the inner cities of Milwaukee and other American cities, black husbands are scarce, black fathers are absent, black youth are wild, and no one is safe.

Ultimately, George Gilder is not a racist and he was right. Oprah can start the healing by apologizing to him on her show.

James, if you’re out there, don’t quit speaking the truth! Keep speaking, because there are too many people who need to hear what you have to say.

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