Michael McGee (Jackson) search warrant details some allegations


And the evidence mounts….

This time there are more details to the allegations against Milwaukee alderman Michael McGee (Jackson). He set up a “Rapid Response Team” that was supposed to help fight crime. Instead, it seems that it was a cover to help him extort money from his constituents. Since his district has so much crime, it probably sounded plausible to many that such a team would be set up.

According to the Journal Sentinel, an affidavit for a federal search warrant alleged:

  • On April 7, McGee told a business owner he needed $1,500 in two days. Based on intercepted calls, “it was clear that McGee was in the process of moving residences and seemed to be in need of money for moving expenses, security deposits, etc.”
  • On April 8, McGee and Walton discussed making money and a “committee” that they were putting together, which the alderman called “Kick Ass” or “Ass Kicking.” The pair said they would make everyone in the neighborhood “little members” of their committee, and everyone will “all have to give” and if they don’t, “it’s done, straight up.” They also discuss stores in McGee’s district and the need to get rid of people they can’t trust, the warrant says.
  • On April 10, McGee met with a business owner and discussed a secret John Doe proceeding, which has yielded the two voting-buying charges. At that meeting – recorded on video and audio – McGee asked a business owner for $20,000 in exchange for support in future liquor license issues. McGee said the money would go to his Rapid Response Team. McGee later is heard saying he needed the money for his own moving expenses.
  • After McGee was arrested, FBI agents interviewed business owners in McGee’s district and found a store owner who said he was extorted by McGee last fall when he was trying to sell his store and transfer a liquor license. McGee met with the buyer and seller and told them they would need to donate to the Rapid Response Team for his support, the affidavit states. The buyer gave $1,000, the seller said, but the liquor license transfer wasn’t scheduled, prompting the seller to call McGee. Walton called back and said the buyer and seller hadn’t fulfilled their commitment to McGee. The seller met with Walton at N. 68th St. and W. Capitol Drive and gave Walton $1,300 in cash, the affidavit states. Walton called and said $700 more was needed, which was delivered. The sale and transfer of the liquor license were approved shortly thereafter, the search warrant documents indicate.

Wow. Pretty damaging stuff.

One thought on “Michael McGee (Jackson) search warrant details some allegations

  1. Bruce

    I originally posted this 6/24 at BadgerBlogger.com:

    Anyone else catch this?

    Schedule 2A, McGee’s campaign finance report

    $200.00 paid to Word Warriors Inc. for 50 commercial spots. That’s $4.00 a spot.

    OIC paid Word Warriors $275,000.00 over 6 years for commercial spots. At $4.00 a spot, that means OIC should have gotten 68,750 commercial spots. Over 6 years… 5 shows a week, 52 weeks a year… That’s 44 OIC commercials per show. (It’s a one hour show.)

    No big deal, it’s only taxpayer’s money.

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