Usana Insider – Usana CFO Gil Fuller Has No CPA License


The Usana Insider reveals the following about Gil Fuller, alleging that he has no CPA license:

i do not have much time to write. the company has hired kroll investigations out of chicago to ruin you and fdi. bramble, timmer and fuller hired them to destroy your credibility. they will stop at nothing to get you.

i had to do something so the below is for you about gil fuller. he is frightened for good cause that people will catch on to the fact that he is not a licensed cpa but puts in all the proxy statements that he is.

the below links will help you and demonstrate that our company breeds deception through the adding on of fiction to make something look better. biology degrees look better than forestry degrees. cellular level science vitamins sound better than vitamins. a cpa license in a proxy sounds better than not having one. misrepresentation is the world we live in. how does our accounting firm gt not catch so many bio errors?

at this point i think there is enough for the securities and exchange commission to notch up the investigation.

the links to fuller saying in sec documents that he is a cpa are here. below is the link to no license for failure to pay fees for twenty plus years.

March 13, 2007 14A
March 14, 2006 14A
March 18, 2005 14A
March 16, 2004 14A
April 4, 2003 14A
May 30, 2002 14A
April 13, 2001 14A
April 27, 2000 14A
April 12, 1999 14A
May 18, 1998 14A
April 22, 1997 14A
September 18, 1996 14A
this shows he did not pay renewal fees in 1986 and has no license.

cannot say you are a cpa in utah for certain with no license. being a member of the aicpa also requires a valid current cpa license.

i will post this message shortly.

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  1. john lichtenstein

    Amazing. That would be a pretty big blunder if there is no explanation. BTW it’s 22:10 PT.

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