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three sets of books and riley timmer posting

john mackey from whole foods posts on message boards and so does riley timmer. he is one of us who has access to inside information on the company and he posts on the message boards under an assumed name defending and attacking. riley has been used. double standard for me. my goal is different. truth. like the three sets of books we have. one to the associates coming into the company. the other to the analysts and stock investors. associates grow all the time. make sure it says that. that is the goal. third set buried deep within a password protected web site for associates only. there below the murky water is a graveyard of dead associates. all three sets of books provide data. they each have a purpose. while eyes focus on earnings the three sets of books go unnoticed.

there is so much work involved in preparing for convention. no time for many. i look at things differently now. the packages and materials given and sold were once admired. now shame lurks in the background. i feel guilty with the distribution of materials that seduce the needy when the reality is contrary. i will be at convention. but no heart for it. more evidence you wanted? ask mark erickson why he needs all that toothpaste.

the new article? one theme. we will not change. nope. it is obvious. no change. stick to our guns. petty things like facts are meaningless. you being served was a prediction i made and it does not help your cause. you need to answer. there will be a scheduling conference. then certain disclosures. then discovery. long process. we know that. forward the phone number. i will make one call.

i will post this message shortly.

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