Wisconsin Democrats Want to Stick It To Us Again


When did we decide that people had no responsibility to care for themselves? I’m all for helping the “less fortunate,” but there comes a point where people must do everything in their power to take care of themselves. Government-run healthcare would be beyond a disaster for all of us. When has the government ever done something better than private industry???And as for the so-called healthcare crisis? We’ve got the best healthcare system in the world and those who need treatment get it, so shut it already.

Wisconsin Club for Growth has exposed the Democrat plan for healthcare coverage in Wisconsin. It’s simple. Everyone gets covered whether they live in Wisconsin or not and whether they work or not. But someone has to pay for it, right?

From the WCG press release:

The ad says, “State Senate Democrats just passed a budget with over $18 billion dollars in new taxes. The biggest chunk would come right out of our pay checks to fund a government run health care plan. The plan covers nearly everyone — even those who don’t work and aren’t Wisconsin residents. Even Governor Doyle realizes the Senate Democrats plan is unrealistic.”

The new payroll tax could go as high as 16% with employers paying up to 12% and employees paying 4%. Self employed people will pay 10% of their social security wages. Senate Democrats estimate the program will cost $15.2 billion dollars when fully implemented but no actuarial study has been released on the plan which passed only 24 hours after it was introduced.

You read that right. So as a self-employed person in Wisconsin you would end up paying:

  • 15% – 28% federal income taxes
  • 15.3% federal payroll taxes
  • 6% – 8% state income taxes
  • 10% state payroll taxes
  • 5.6% sales tax on all purchases (Milwaukee county rate)
  • Ridiculous property taxes that must also come out of your paycheck, oddly enough

Add that up, and you see that we will be giving well over 50% of our incomes to the government. I think it’s about time to kick back and be one of those “not working” people who lets everyone else support them. Sound like a plan?

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