Those who have been involved in high-profile fraud investigations and general scam-busting are used to getting threats. The wackos typically like to threaten jobs, reputations, and families, and the levels to which they will stoop seem to have no lower limits. No lie or distortion is beneath those who want to silence the critics.

Last night, the threats went to another level. Barry Minkow’s life was threatened on Yahoo by someone who posted a pretend article from USA Today with a headline “Barry Minkow, Dead at the Age of 41.” The threat was complete with social security numbers, a drivers license number, the names of his wife and children, and a date and location in the future. The threat went on to note Barry’s investigation of Usana Health Sciences, the catalyst for this threat.

How sick does someone have to be to post something like that? I know that Barry is used to making people mad. After all, he’s uncovered over $1 billion in fraud and turned his findings over to the federal authorities. I suppose there are bound to be some fraud perpetrators who get a little upset when the gravy train is gone.

Rest assured, the truth will not be silenced.

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