Apple Warning Consumers About iPhone Hacks

There was jubilation amongst current and future iPhone users when it was announced that techies had created hacks to get around some security features. One of the more popular hacks was one to help iPhone users be able to use wireless networks other than AT&T (the only “authorized” provider of iPhone service right now).

Well, Apple is saying that this hack can damage the iPhone. The “unlocking” programs run the risk of damaging the software in the phones, and making them permanently inoperable once new software updates from Apple are downloaded to the phone.

The hacks currently available to “unlock” the iPhone include “iUnlock” and “AnySIM.” Apple says that they’re not trying to purposely damage the phones that use these hacks, but that the software updates issued by Apple simply aren’t meant to work with them. Users of the hacks might be able to avoid future problems by not installing Apple’s updates to the phone. The disadvantage is that these users won’t have any of the new features that Apple might add to the iPhone.

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