KPMG Trial Delayed


he trial of KPMG executives charged with creating and marketing illegal tax shelters has been delayed. 13 accused executives had all charges dropped after a judge recently ruled that it was illegal for the government to pressure KPMG to not pay the legal fees of the 13.In this latest twist, the trial is being delayed because of a claim that one of the defense lawyers has a conflict of interest. Judge Lewis Kaplan delayed the case (that was to begin on Tuesday) and removed Steven Bauer of Latham & Watkins, who was representing John Larson.

Larson did not waive his right to have an attorney without a conflict of interest. The alleged conflict came about because Bauer was the attorney for David Makov, formerly charged in the case. Makov is going to testify for the government in the case, so this may be a conflict in representing Larson.

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