Introducing WalletPop


AOL is expanding its professional blogging empire with a new personal finance blog called WalletPop. After months of planning and development, the site has finally gone live!

The site features several bloggers who are in-the-know about a variety of personal finance issues including, credit cards, mortgages, consumer scams, taxes, entrepreneurship, saving money and more.

And WalletPop’s expert on consumer scams? Yours truly! I will be blogging about how consumers can avoid being cheated and scammed. From business opportunity scams, to “bad deals” that customers can make, to avoiding fraud… I’m blogging about it all.

Most exciting will be our features on consumers who were scammed by businesses. I’m looking for real-life stories from consumers who were cheated by companies and are willing to have those deeds exposed. I’ll even be asking the companies to add their side of the story, if they’d like. WalletPop is going to help consumers have their voices heard!

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