KMPG associates apparently tired of the firm’s lame technology


This one comes from Dennis Howlett’s blog, and to me, it’s hilarious. I’m not sure if you have to be a an auditor or not to think it’s funny. Apparently there are some emails from KPMG associates circulating and here’s an excerpt:

The best question is: 4. Do you feel like KPMG’s lack of technology is slowing down your development and progress in your career? My response: Absolutely. The use of morse-code telephones, word processors and telegraphs is a hinderance to my auditing ability. My developement has suffered too – I cannot speak in full sentences, have forgotten my colors, and can no longer put shapes into their apporpriate slots. My career has suffered as well. After looking around for another job, I am only eligible for jobs at Taco Bell and McDonald’s because they have an automated beeper when to take the fries out. I don’t know how to use this thing called a telephone, and is there a little man living inside, what people refer to as, a “computer”?

Read the rest at AccMan.

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