Blogging can be great fun when you’ve got something to say and someone to say it to. My friends and family know that I love blogging. I like sharing info in (almost) real time with readers. I blog mostly about fraud and consumer scams, but I also like to write about entrepreneurship and how I built a successful small business.

I always say that a blogger is only as good as her or his last posting. You may write a fantastic article, but within a day or two or three, your readers are onto something else. You need to keep it coming with interesting content on a regular basis.

So what do you do if you have the blogging blues? Ya know… those days when you wake up and you think you have absolutely nothing brilliant to say??? Sorry, but blogs are driven by new content, and if you’re not writing anything new, you’re losing your readership. Here are some tips that I’ve come up with while blogging over the last couple of years. Use them to help you get out of your blogging rut.

Try to plan your blogging time. There’s nothing worse than feeling “under the gun” to write an article. Sure, some of my best work is done while I’m under pressure. But those times when you’re low on blogging ideas and you have a deadline to meet can sometime get the best of you. Try to have your articles written well in advance of your deadlines (well = several hours). That will keep some of the pressure off.

Surf other sites for ideas. Don’t copy other sites… that’s kind of taboo in the world of blogging. But use other sites for news stories or current events ideas that you could write about. And link to the source… sometimes you may even get a link back.

Keep a Rainy Day List. I have a short list of topics on which I can post in an emergency. I even have a few spare posts written up in case I get sick or have too much going on at work to write something. These in-a-pinch topics have saved me headaches more than once.

Remember that blogging is a long-term process. While your blog thrives on new content, one or two days without something brilliant will not kill your site. Building a successful blog takes time and you’re not going to lose all your mojo in one day. So don’t panic, and keep your eye on that long-term prize. That will keep you positive.

Go read a book. Sometimes the only way to get past your writer’s block is to step away from the computer. Read a book, go for a walk, watch a movie… do something that will get your mind off the pressure to write. Come back in a couple of hours feeling refreshed and ready to write.

Have fun with it! The times when I am bogged down by blogging often relate to feeling pressured or burdened by blogging. When I remember the fun that I have blogging, it’s easier for me to be creative and interesting.


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