Here’s What “Universal Health Care” Will Get You


The Democrats swear that “universal health care” will be fabulous for all. No one really knows “who” is going to pay for it, but if enough voters think it’s going to be “someone else,” that’s good enough for them.

But socialist health care systems don’t work, and all we have to do is look to the north and to the east to see examples. Here’s a fantastic example from Britain, by way of WenchyPoo’s blog…

There’s a little practice in Britain called “patient stacking.” Treatment at the hospitals is so slow, that a guideline was issued which said patients couldn’t be held in a hospital waiting room for the emergency department for more than four hours.

But since the hospitals can’t treat patients that fast, they make them sit in ambulances outside the hospital for up to five hours. Then they let them in to wait their four hours in the waiting room. So sick and injured people are waiting for up to nine hours to be seen in the emergency room. And ambulances are unable to pick up other sick and injured people because they’re parked at hospitals holding patients who are waiting to be seen.

Yeah. That sounds great. Where do I sign up?

One thought on “Here’s What “Universal Health Care” Will Get You

  1. Dan Bergen

    We do that here in Canada as well. The problem is that sometimes so many ambulances are stacked that there are only a few available for a city of over a million.

    Four hours is actually pretty quick. I took my old girlfriend in, the only reason why she got to see someone after 6 hours is that she passed out.

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