In addition to the erosion of morals in our society…

Some people wonder why we have a generation of lazy losers coming up in the United States. I don’t wonder at all. We have parents who aren’t involved in their children’s lives. Kids whose bodies have been rotted from the inside out, thanks to junk food and fast food. Families that value material goods over quality time and good relationships. An entitlement mentality that our government encourages and rewards.

And of course… we’ve got the issue of education. Children aren’t learning what they need to learn to be successful in life. Their math and reading skills are poor, and the blame rests squarely upon the teachers, their unions, and the school administration. Bad teachers are protected by the unions, and there are no performance standards for teachers. They do what they want and the union protects them.

And the administration decides what’s important. Instead of emphasizing education in the basics of reading, writing, and math… we’re too worried about passing out condoms in middle schools. We want to give the students self-esteem rather than actually grading any of the work they do. We want to feed them breakfast because their parents are too lazy to do so. We want to do everything but what they’re at school for: to learn basic educational skills.

What started this rant? This request by a reporter for an expert (not me) to comment on this issue:

Some schools are now barring teachers from giving failing students anything less than 50 points for even unfinished work to prevent them from becoming statistically incapable of catching up and passing later in the term.

Hint: If the student has failed to do so much work that they can’t “catch up” later, they deserve to fail. Period.

Let’s quit enabling children and parents to slide by in this world. Let’s hold them accountable for their own success or failure, and make them earn what they get in life (whether that means earning grades, earning money, earning a promotion, or whatever).

Quit allowing our society to slowly erode, because pretty soon we’ll be dominated by whiners who can’t read and won’t go to work. Oh wait… we’re already on our way there.

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