Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer says buyout of Yahoo would be great

Well of course he’s going to say it would be great… he wants to do the deal! The gist of it is this… Ballmer says the Yahoo buyout would be great because (***drum roll***)… it’s about the only way Microsoft can compete with Google.

Google is the dominant player in the search engine game by far, with about 75% of paid searches worldwide. Microsoft wants a piece of that and says Yahoo is the key, and that Google shouldn’t be able to have such a corner on the market. (Hmmm…. Microsoft doesn’t otherwise appear too concerned about a certain company having total dominance in a particular arena.)

This is a good time to take a look (again) at how passionate Steve Ballmer is about Microsoft.

Steve Ballmer a little sweaty:

Steve Ballmer going crazy (yes this is for real):

Steve Ballmer, the remix:

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