Authors on the Net on Finishing Your Book

Have you been writing your book for what seems like ages? Some writers get caught in the trap of revising, revising, revising… that they never actually finish the book. Or they just put it off so long that they never have a complete book.

One secret to getting a book published is actually finishing it, so take the following advice from Phil Davis at Authors on the Net:


Finishing a book is not as daunting as it sounds! The key is to write your beginning on the Internet, either on a bulletin board, a writing group, or on a personal “blog.”

There are a number of reasons to do this.

1) The public commitment will help motivate you. When you publicly declare that you will add content to your book every day, or every week, you are more bound to complete your task.

2) If you choose the right forum, people may offer to help you. (Note, if you choose the wrong forum, and find people are being counter-productive, simply change venues).

3) By creating an Internet presence this early in the process, you can start to generate interest in your book — either search engine interest, or human interest. Both are good when it comes time to promote and sell your book later on.

TO DO THIS WEEK: Search Google for some forums in which to write. To learn more, visit, a free association for authors.

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