Alder-thug collects over $67,000 plus benefits while behind bars

Milwaukee Alderman Michael McGee (also known as Micheal Jackson, depending upon which laws he’s trying to skirt) has been sitting in jail since Memorial Day last year. And he’s been paid his full salary the entire time, although he obviously couldn’t attend any council meetings or do much real work for the taxpayers.

He’s in jail for extorting people in his district, and then threatening those who told the authorities. He also participated in a plot to “peel back the wig” of a man. This is ghetto-speak for murder, but apparently McGee and his attorney think it’s just a case of prosecutors not understanding the slang. (It’s exactly the opposite! They DO understand it!)

How’s this for jailbird pay? $2,750 gross pay every two weeks, totaling $63,580 while in jail. Plus a monthly car allowance of $325 last year and $337 this year, for a total of $3,443. What’s wrong with our system when it continues to pay an auto allowance to someone behind bars? It was bad enough that the city was paying it to him when he wasn’t in jail… as he didn’t even have a valid driver’s license.

And don’t think that Milwaukee is off the hook yet. Once McGee reaches retirement age, he can collect a pension of almost $8,000 a year. Thank you for your service, Alder-thug. McGee’s reign of terror ends on Monday, when a new 6th district alderwoman is sworn in.

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