Tax Me More Act: An opportunity for those who think taxes should be higher

It seems that those who think taxes aren’t high enough are always pushing for increases… so long as the increases are for someone else. Did you know that half of American households pay no income tax? And those are the very same people who are often rallying against “tax breaks for the rich.”

Hello! The rich are paying almost all the taxes right now. Certainly they are paying far more than their proportionate share of taxes. Whose taxes should we cut if the rich are the ones paying almost all the taxes? We have to cut taxes for the rich.

I’ve long said that those who don’t pay taxes don’t have a vested financial interest in our government. It’s easy for them to say that the government should spend more, offer taxpayers more, give handouts more… they’re not the ones paying for it.

This week the Wall Street Journal commented on the “Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is Act” introduced by California Republican John Campbell. It would basically allow taxpayers to make voluntary donations to the federal government. i.e. They can pay more federal taxes if they want to, and there would be a line on the IRS form specifically for this item.

Yet the WSJ points out something interesting: the U.S. Treasury already accepts voluntary donations from taxpayers, and last year received only $2.6 million under this program. Seems that when it comes time to pony up, those who think we should pay more taxes aren’t exactly busting down the door to give up their own money.


  1. Barbara

    What?? Your telling me that there are people out there who DON”T pay income taxes!!!! What has this world come to??? Maybe a few people need a reality check and need to get taxed regardless of their income. Maybe then they will stop their complaining that the rich don’t fork out enough of their income. How about reminding them that even after all the taxes paid on their money the rich die then get retaxed on that same money. Sounds like the rich seem to pay for just about everything in this country and get no credit for it.

  2. Tracy Coenen

    Barbara – Things are about to get real interesting because very soon the majority of people will NOT pay income taxes. They will have the voting power, and of course, they will always put their votes behind those who promise to keep taxing “the rich” even more. Our tax situation is out of control

    The Fair Tax keeps looking better and better!

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