What’s your favorite Overstock.com lie?


Sam Antar and I have weighed in with our opinions on the lie machine known as Overstock.com, run by the country’s most incompetent CEO, Patrick Byrne.

This week has been a treasure trove of new lies and manipulations, as Overstock management tries to cover their lies with new lies and… oh what a tangled web we weave…

Gary Weiss has his own favorite lie in all of this:

I’m saving the best for last. The pièce de résistance was the fish story provided at the conference call and in the Wired article as to why the earnings were released unexpectedy on Friday. As I pointed out the other day, this was a blatant effort to squeeze the shorts on an options expiration Friday, and to bury devastating news of a five-county criminal investigation of its advertising practices by California prosecutors. Even one of the normally supine analysts who cover this company acknowledged at the time that a short squeeze was at work.

Explaining this one away would take a real whopper, and Overstock’s “designated liar” (the way you might appoint a “designated driver” after a party) obliged in the Wired article:

“What happened was this: Patrick Byrne was speaking at Wharton [School of Business] on Friday, and we wanted to get to the numbers out before he gave that speech,” Johnson says.

But if that’s the case, then why did the company schedule the release of fourth-quarter results beforehand, but it didn’t schedule the release of first-quarter results?

“This time we did not know when we would have a full sign off from auditors,” Johnson says.

Yup. Overstock is physically incapable of putting out an earnings release when its invaluable CEO, a man dedicated 24/7 to editing Wikipedia and posting on message boards selling memory foam and toasters, strays from the premises and is engaged in giving one of his excellent speeches.

Run on over to Gary’s blog and see his take on all of this week’s antics. As always, much thanks to clown Patrick Byrne and the three ring circus he runs…. the gift that just keeps on giving.

3 thoughts on “What’s your favorite Overstock.com lie?

  1. Dave

    Nice to see that you and that legendary member of the financial hack core have so much interest in Overstock.com. I find it rather amusing that with all goings on in this country you, Gary, and Sam Antar have nothing better to do that spew daily dribble of BS regarding Overstock.com and Patrick Byrne.

    Have you ever considered that your personal bias comes through with each hate attack you spew? many, even the Byrne nay Sayers, have come to notice the obsession you guys have for all this as ‘uninterested’ third parties.

  2. Steve

    Oh Please! You expect someone to be able to select one lie as the best out of so many? Lordy! That is like saying, “Which Blade of Grass in central Park is the best one?” You know, you’d think the SEC would move quickly when people lie “materially” during a Conference Call to discuss Corporate results. Seems like one of those “Rumor” thingies that Cox is after that manipulate Stock prices!! Eh?

  3. Tracy Coenen

    Hi Dave – Thanks for stopping by. First, in case you’re confused, I’m not a guy. I’m a woman.

    Second, what exactly, is this this “personal bias” that you mention? I would love to know what it is.

    And I think you’re right. People ARE noticing… I get a nice jump in web traffic each time I comment on Overstock. Seems people are finally paying attention.

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