Women upset over cancelled flight they didn’t have tickets for


I am soooooo not kidding about this. I just saw this on the news. 24 women are upset at Midwest Airlines, which recently canceled/changed a number of flights due to some cost-cutting measures.

They’re upset because they were going to take one of those flights, but they hadn’t even booked it! Now they want Midwest Airlines to “fix” this for them.

Are they out of their minds? They didn’t have tickets. Sorry, but that’s the way it goes. Now they’re looking for other flights, but say that they’ll have to spend $100 per person more than the flight they were planning on booking. They’re going on vacation and they can’t afford another $100 so Midwest Airlines better do something about it.

They also say they won’t fly Midwest again if the airline doesn’t do something about their problem. So non-customers who didn’t have tickets are going to continue to be non-customers if the airline doesn’t fix the problem that wasn’t the airline’s fault?

One thought on “Women upset over cancelled flight they didn’t have tickets for

  1. bVisual

    It’s amazing how some people will try to save a buck. If they never had a ticket they should get nothing.

    “When you can’t be there, bVisual”

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