5 thoughts on “Debunking United First Financial Myths and Deceptions

  1. Hollis

    It’s obvious you have an agenda in your effort to trash something that is excellent. I have the system going on three years and I can assure you it works. The 3700 doesn’t cost you anything, it is factored into my program and I think I an now at paying off my mortgage in 4 more years and and that will be a saving that will be in my pocket not the bano of 483.000.
    So learn more about what you speak before attemtping to promote someone like Ramsey for whatever reason.
    And I know Dave well, if you knew his past you wouldbe so impressed. But he has managed to find the following of those that have little discipline in their life. Some call it bottom feeding and he is good at it.

    By the way when will your mortgage be paid off and how much will you have paid.. ENjoy paying those large paying for all thos years… you just might deserve it.

  2. Tracy Coenen

    Nope. No agenda. I don’t need one. All I want to do is educate consumers that this software is a waste of money.

    If you truly believe it “doesn’t cost you anything” then it is clear why they wanted to sell to you. That statement is so ignorant… Can you count? Do you know how to multiply and divide?

    My mortgage will be paid off quickly, and without the bogus help of a $3,500 program. I’m doing it for free.

  3. Bill


    I’m interested in what facets of Dave Ramsey’s past would be unimpressive? Is it that he was bankrupt by 26? Is it that he had a staffer use false names/stories in his newspaper column? Is it that his site actually accepts credit card purchases? Which one? Dave Ramsey has addressed all three openly and honestly. What other “dirt” do you have?

    My wife and I followed Dave Ramsey’s plan and are 100% debt free and have accumulated more net worth at a faster rate than ever before. The cost? The price of “The Total Money makeover” his book. That’s all it took – $10.

    To say that $3500 dumped into your HELOC doesn’t cost anything suggests you don’t understand the first thing about debt. It costs you $3500 plus interest. There is no way around that fact.

    There is no escaping this fact either. The “program” puts your home at risk with a 2nd mortgage. Not only that, it pays down the lower interest first mortgage with a higher interest second mortgage. How does this make sense? Oh, I know, a NASA engineer developed the algorithm right?

    As most have said, UFF offers something anyone can do without the added risk for $3,500. The language of the salespeople is so similar to AMWAY pitches it is hysterical. The salespeople can’t or won’t explain it. And it always requires an additional conversation.

    The Ramsey plan could be explained by a high schooler in about 10 minutes.

  4. Nikki

    I don’t think that this is a scam, but it is definately misleading and over priced. I was recently shown this program and honestly, you can obtain the same results by using processes that are free. They were showing me how amazing it would be to be able to pay off my mortgage in 15 years instead of 30 and I will save thousands in interest. What I am doing is free and I will have my loan paid off in 7 years… and will save close to $100,000 in unpaid interest. There are so many other things that I could use the $3,500 for. I don’t understand why anyone would spend that kinds of money! And $3,500! I thought that was a misprint at first. I think that $35 would be a little more reasonable.

  5. Nikki, UFF is subscribing to the Calvin and Hobbes theory of lemonade sales. Sure, $100 a glass is expensive, but that way you don’t need to sell as many to be profitable!

    FWIW, anytime anybody wants to separate you from your money with airy-fairy promises, but can’t answer a direct question, or explain how the magic black box works, that’s pretty much scam territory.

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