LifeLock CEO: Our Service Kinda Works

Todd Davis, the CEO of LifeLock, is trying to get the word out that the LifeLock identity theft service works sometimes!

In the below video, Davis tells Matt Lauer on the Today Show that his identity has only been stolen once, darnit! I’ve been reporting what the lawyers are saying about LifeLock, and it’s not good.

They basically say that the service is worthless. Although LifeLock puts a fraud alert on your credit report, this is something you can do on your own for free (rather than for a recurring monthly fee to LifeLock) and that the fraud alerts aren’t as effective as LifeLock leads you to believe.

And their million dollar “guarantee” in the event that your identity is stolen? The lawyers say that’s not worth much either, because the guarantee only helps you if the identity theft was a result of a “defect” in LifeLock’s service.

I still think the service is a waste of money, and the CEO proves it in the interview below.


  1. Misled

    I think the real scandal is the deceptive guarantee. There are plenty of companies that sell worthless products. Since people buy this product to be protected from identity theft and/or financial loss, any failure of the product to prevent this should be considered a defect.

  2. Whoopi

    The system doesn’t work becuz the identity theft is usually created by your employer who has the clout to enter into your credit file, to destroy you. Oh! I forgot even the government 🙂

  3. checkdafacts

    Wow. This article was obviously written by someone that doesn’t have the facts. First, Davis wasn’t held liable for the $500 dollar loan; LifeLock covered it as they advertise. Also the loan was opened because payday loan places don’t usually perform credit checks which in turn wouldn’t prompt the fraud alerts. Finally, if you actually read about LifeLock they do provide services that people cannot do for themselves and the ones you can do they perform as a convenience. You always change your own oil and cut your own hair? Seriously, if you want to write articles have the facts.

  4. Tracy Coenen

    I do have the facts, and your comments prove my point. The LifeLock service is not nearly effective as they claim it is because there are so many things it does not and cannot cover. (But mostly, their “guarantee” is worthless.)

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