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Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff keeps providing interesting material for bloggers. Two weeks ago I wrote about the campaign contributions Shurtleff receives from multi-level marketing companies (MLMs) like Usana Health Sciences (NASDAQ:USNA) and Pre-Paid Legal (NYSE:PPD), and his support for weakening laws against pyramid schemes in Utah. This is important because it is my contention that most MLMs are pyramid schemes in disguise, and that the government can and should enforce anti-pyramiding laws against them.

And of course, there was the whole situation in which Shurtleff lied about Sam Antar. Sam’s a convicted felon who travels around the country (on his own dime) educating accountants, investigators, and lawyers about corporate fraud from the perspective of a reformed criminal. He does this simply as a public service.

Shurtleff falsely accused Sam of using his speaking engagement in Utah for the Attorney General’s office as a self-promotional tool. (Sam did no such thing. All he did was mention on his blog that he did the engagement and list it on his website, as he does with all speaking engagements.)

That whole situation reeked of Shurtleff attempting to help (NASDAQ:OSTK) silence a vocal critic of the company’s perpetual money-losing machine. Overstock has donated at least $11,000 to Shurtleff’s campaign since 2001.

And now Shurtleff is in the middle of case in which Marc Sessions Jenson was accused of fraud and racketeering. It’s alleged that Shurtleff had charges brought against Jenson as a favor to a political donor, Ricke White. White says Jenson defrauded him of a million dollars with an investment scheme. Shurtleff says that he isn’t involved, and all decisions in the case were made by his staff.

Everyone is fighting over who is influencing who. Which lobbyists are twisting which arms. Who’s intimidating who. And so on… But I just find it interesting that Shurtleff finds himself in the middle of another case involving donors and questions about his ethics and conduct.

Another interesting tidbit I found while researching this situation? Unusual deletions from Mark Shurtleff’s online campaign contribution data. Utah’s site which details all campaign contribution information is currently offline, supposedly for an overhaul. But prior to this, the Salt Lake Tribune noticed that records were being altered.

One such record? Shurtleff’s contribution to John McCain’s campaign. Why was it altered? The Deseret News reported earlier this month that the donation might have violated federal election laws. Shortly thereafter, the entry in the database went missing.

Then a second Shurtleff entry also went missing after he was questioned about it. This one involved a contribution to the Scott Rolle campaign for Maryland’s attorney general. Right after The Deseret News asked about that one, it went missing as well.


  1. Mark Shurtleff should be investigated on bribery charges. There is plenty of evidence which suggests bribes were taken. Endorsing USANA on stage in front of thousands of USANA distributors was one such endorsement which violates the law. But I guess when you are the attorney general for the State of Utah, you are above the law.

    It amazes me that so many people and so many company’s think they are above the law.

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  3. Hazmat

    And now it looks like this guy took a pass in prosecuting Rick Koerber and his $100 million Ponzi scheme. A sleaze like Shurtleff would be right at home in Washington.

  4. Pucelle d'Orleans

    Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff, Governor Herbert, and President David Pershing:

    A disabled whistle blower posted this on the Utah Securities Fraud Blog Page I believe it needs to be known…

    I must tell you, the College of Social Work has prohibited a few students who participated in these hate crimes from getting licensed, however, it were University of Utah College of Social Work Deans who failed to train their staff, Utah religion/s-affinity groups, University Presidents Young, Betz, and now Pershing who allowed this to occur with the assistance of Utah AG office; Mark Shurtleff and Utah Legislature. What is terribly sad about this, it they stole all the students money, while lying to the federal government saying they were ADA certified and accepted student loan money from FAFSA (greater lake bank)Now, these graduate students can lisence or are on hold before renewing while criminal FBI investigations go on, and they all over approx 80K. But Utah Legislature, Gov Herbert, and Mark Shurtleff AG office approved the promotion of the evil doers in leadership.. FILTHY WRONG!!!!

    For further review please contact the Utah legislature home page to review the CIA audit reports and the corruption and fraud discovered…. Especially in transportation 2.1 billion, medicare/medicaid and the DABC.

    So often we hear about ponzi schemes and securities fraud, but less often do we hear about the fraud that occurs at the University of Utah and through conduct made possible by Mr. Mark Shurtleff. In 2009 I entered into the Masters of Social work Program, after spending 1 year out preparing myself for law school and grad school as I desired obtaining a dual degree MSW/JD. I completed my undergraduate degree in social work (CSW) and felt I had a deep passion and desire to continue into the policy portion of law and forensic social work. I worked really hard, received 2 scholarships, one a merit scholarship from the Alumni CSW and the other from the Craig H. Nelsen Foundation; a disability foundation that supports people with spine injuries. I am/was registered with Student Disability Center and had protected status under the Americans with Disabilities Act (2008). Additionally, I am a vocational rehabilitation sponsored student who was taken out of the streets of poverty and homelessness and placed into these programs based on my “advanced abilities.” When I entered into the graduate program, I was being treated from five blood clots in my leg, thigh and calf. Having a life long disability requires good insurance, and employment or services of some sort due to the astronomical costs associated with disability. I wanted to only borrow 12K to complete my master degree, and I needed to do it with in the 1 year time period which was the program I was admitted into–hence the “Advanced Standing” MSW.

    Well I entered into the program late, and hit the ground running faster than most, because the college had made some administrative changes which placed me 100 hours behind my peers. Additionally, I was laid off from Fresh Market who had Purchased Albertsons Grocery stores, whereby I lost my insurance, income, and other benefits. I applied for the Unemployment Benefits and was provided 3 denial letters because I was in the graduate program. This was very upsetting because I had paid into those state benefits for over 10 years while employed for Albertson’s full-time, and I had worked many part-time jobs for extra spending cash. However, I was denied. (Here Utah Unemployment office, Mark Shurtleff office, Utah Legislature, and University of Utah Persident David Pershing violated state and federal policy in prohibiting me from obtaining “emergency funds” that was mandated in 2008 for any citizen–hence FRAUD!)

    While this occurred, I lost my abilities to pay for the small room I rented, which caused me to have to sign up and borrow more in Federal Securities–student aid—FAFSA. Doubling my total borrowed amount–way over what was projected and aimed for. I slept in my car in the University Parking lot often because I couldn’t afford to pay the gas, mileage, and time that would normally go into my studies (as the Advanced Standing Program requires students to maintain a 3.0 GPA, and I was on review for the Utah Univ law program which required me to maintain above a 3.5 GPA).

    While I was enduring this, I had explained everything to my instructors, and my Academic supervisor Dr. Rob Butters. He told me “just keep him in the know, everything would be okay.” So this I did. I continued to state I needed an accommodation, or an extension as it related to my disability… My case manager Christen Birmingham and Director Scott Mac Ward of Disability Services was aware of the situation… On or apprx Nov 29th me and Dr. Butters had a disagreement, which he later retaliated against me, and failed me in his class, and went to President David Pershing, Dean Mathers of the College of Social Work, Associate Dean Dr. Mary Jane Taylor, and co-chairs of the forensic department: Dr. Jason Castillo and Dr. Mo Prospero (Dr. Prospero was employed with the Criminal and Juvenile Justice Center with Governor Gary Herbert [this is important to remember as it relates to “affinity fraud]). I submitted my final paper, late but completed and Dr. Butters destroyed me in the grading–as I could not recover. In addition to this, Dr. Butters on the last day of class offered other students Extra Credit to make up points, but refused to offer this to me… This occurred around Christmas time, After this occurred, I began looking at the grades, where I and attorney found “arbitrary and capriciousness” in the grading. Where I out attended, out tested, and out performed many other students yet these other students received higher grades–in fact A’s. So I filed multiple complaints on these instructors with Office of Equal Opportunity (OEO). Here Director Krista Pickens called me in and asked me what I wanted, could she arrange to have the grade reversed, and we be done with it? I said, how can you say that? I just lost my opportunity to obtain or maintain my scholarships, and the law programs application process is over–I missed another year… Plus, Dr. Butters has destroyed my name, by going around telling people I am a “head case.” I said, they robbed me of my money, my securities, and my careers. Not just one but multiple. Krista then said, “okay then I guess we send out the legal memo stating this is a legal investigation, as this office only investigates and takes cases based on their merit–this is merited.”

    However, what she failed to tell me was, Scott MacWard was/is the University loss prevention manager and when I reported to him the failure to accommodate, discrimination (as I was the only student held back), and retaliation conducted by Dr.s Butter, Taylor, Prospero, and Dean Mather; triggered an internal “save your own ass” investigation spurred on by Vice President David Pershing (Now elected President David Pershing). During this time, they all colluded to have me removed even though excluding Dr. Butters “E” grade I had been a 3.5 student (later finished 2 more semesters in law program and college of nursing-both graduate level with a 4.0).

    When this retaliation with instructors and students began, many of the students began harassing me, because as a result of the complaint/s I filed College of Social Work Education Accredidation showed up for a site visit, which eventually revocted the CSW MSW program of its ability to admit anyone into the Forensics Domain Advanced Stating Program until the problems were corrected. This cost the UofU thousands of dollars, but it cost me all my personal relationships, family, friends, and employment–not to mention Utah State still refused to pay my unemployment benefits as I was still enrolled in the grad program.

    While enduring these hardships, my grandmother suffered 5 strokes, and ended up here in SLC away from my family (who live out of state), so normally under ADA and FEMA I would be allowed to leave and attend to my family members. THAT WAS NOT THE CASE– through investigations it was discovered that Dean Mather, and CSW were never trained in ADA policy, Nondiscrimination, harassment, nothing. Additionally, many student came forward, and it was made known by other Colleges that there was a serious “history” of evil doing in the College of Social Work… Those people who claim to be the voice of oppression… fight against discrimination. It was all a lie!

    To further complicate matters, Dean Mather held multiple hearings in an attempt to humiliate me in front of all our colleagues. I was threatened, abused, and shamed for filing the complaints. Furthermore, when I reported it to Krista Pickens with OEO, she ignored my calls, emails and in office visits. She told people there was a report, and that I would receive one on so-and-so day… but that report has never come. When I plead with Scott MacWard for assistance he told me to go to Student Affairs office, I arrived to their office which is under David Pershing, and they told me, “we cant help you because it might screw up your legal investigation.”

    Meanwhile my mother had a nervous breakdown ended up being hospitalized, my grandmother was sent to Elko for temporary assistance (we thought), and I reported to Dean Taylor of Student Affairs in College of Social Work, yet she continued to have the group students harrass me, and later Dean Taylor failed me for a project– I must also tell you Dean Taylor was actually sent to instruct my research class because Dr. Prospero and group members were caught. Coincidentally, Dr. Prospero had actually sexually assaulted or participated in another illegal act committed against a foreign exchange student in the PhD program resulting in Prosperos removal of position in CSW and Governors office. After Prospero’s removal, Dean Mather with David Pershing promoted Dr. Butters into Governor Herberts Criminal and Juvenile Justice Center…

    At this point I was very upset, and faced with having to repay and lose everything… So I filed a fraud document which resulted in President Young leaving the state. I filed the Document April 6th and he was gone mid May. In addition to, Dr. Lundahl; Director of the MSW program sent an email to David Pershing and Mather requesting that I be reviewed for psychological issues (because I used official language like: Scheme and Artifice to Defraud, you conspired to commit fraud, collusion, racketeering, –etc.) As a result of this “good faith” complaint which I requested as informal, Dr. Lundahl and administration cancelled classes for 3 weeks–ending the semester too early. I told them I paid for a 15 week course, you sold me a 13 week, and of that only 4 of those classes were actually taught be the instructor–Prospero because he was removed for illegal conduct. Once the classes were cancelled, the perpetrators all boarded a flight–I think back to Boston where the best white collar criminal defense lawyers are… (I know this because I took a White Collar Crime course with Utahs Director of Enforcement Mike Hines–and I aced it–only 2 people received straight A’s)

    President Bezt entered into the Presidency and I finally was in a position to go back home and be with my family and take a breather… I thought. I returned to restart and finish the program because under discrimination and fraud laws, the person is to be reinstated… I filed again, another FAFSA form and borrowed another 25K in securities, because with the “E” mark by Dr. Butters I no longer qualified for scholarships or external funding–especially because I had no employment (CSW removed me from my stipend paid position with felony drug court), and I couldn’t get unemployment or disability, and all my utilities were turned off, and I was facing eviction.

    I filed the GRAMMA reports to get the OEO report and meeting notes from all the hearings Dean Mather called, but I was denied by University of Utah General Council. To make matters worse, because they removed me from the CSW MSW grad program Pres Betz tried to tell me I could not have my FAFSA money/securities. However, Pres Betz refused to provide me with the official dismissal letter allowing me or my attorney to file the court cases… Under ADA laws the person must stay enrolled. So i tried to start over in undergrad, they refused. So I borrowed money from my mother and grandmother because of the situation. This exasperated everything… the dirty rotten attorneys in Boston (presumably) and the Attorney Generals Office devised another scheme and artifice to defraud, by contacting mutiple felon family members and had them work for the Utah Ag office and NV AG office, where they are attempting to have my mother and I both charged for Elder Abuse and exploitation. My mother because she had a come apart and I for using approx 800.00 to pay my rent, go home and be with my mother who was hospitalized 3 times in 1 year, and travel expenses to Elko to be with my grandmother who cant speak. In addition, I want to make known that my mother and I both have been my grandmothers primary care givers for over 12 years… Yet, AG office drove us into the dirt… in fact we’ve almost lost our home. I have no telephone, and our cars have been driven into the dirt as result of going to and from Ogden and Elko. Coincidentally, they NV AG office with Utah AG office gave temporarily custody to my cousin who had fled Utah courts system after losing her parental rights to a drug addicted baby, and whom later she broke his leg at age 2. Her sister, works in the care facility in Elko–Highland Manor and is the person who assaulted my mother in her own home, which sent my mother over the edge–why she was hospitalized for the nervous break down. This same cousin filed misstatements of fact to police, and told them my mother abused my grandmother, however, had the police really investigated it, they would have discovered my grandmother was already in the Univ Hospital–hence my mother didn’t abuse nor neglect grandma.

    I reported this abuse to Campus Police multiple times, they provided me a police escort to and from meeting with Dean Mather and CSW, yet, refuse to provide me with a case number. I have reported this to Utah Victims of Crime, and all they do is get info from me but refuse to offer or refer me or mom for reparations or restitution. I have been told the investigation is in its “preliminary stages.” I took Victims of Crime with Instructor Paul Cassell in the law program and received a A grade… I know what happened. Its very unethical, illegal, and Mark Shurtleff and AG office is finding ways to conduct this in courts of law (legal abuse).

    To make matters more discussing, I asked Krista Pickens who she reported to as I needed my report for legal purposes, she refused to reply. I did the same with Scott Mac Ward. All ignored… I later found out They all reported to David Pershing. He implemented, or castrated, and carried it all out. Very sick. Did you happen to notice that Pres Betz with David Pershing gave themselves a 67K pay increase, but denied students, faculty and buildings.. Do you know, I tried to go get councileing at the UofU student center where Disability Services sent me to, but after intake was refused because I refused to have my therapy video taped for research and statistical purposed–mostly because other CSW student would see the tape and it was/is a legal investigation. Very Disturbing…

    During this same time, legislature members David Litvack, Rebecca Chavez-Houk, Brain S. King, and Mark Shurtleff were invited to be guest speakers in one of my classes… During this time, David Litvack (who I respect and commend) kept looking at me saying you need to come forward–you need to come forward. I would like to also tell you David Litvack works for Salt Lake County Substance Abuse as the director, and worked much with Dr. Prospero and my group members who received higher marks than I did–but I out performed many of them. But the instructor, threatened by David Pershing continually stated to the class, “Dont Burn your Bridges. Dont burn your bridges.” A message I later told my attorney I took, as not to file anymore formal complaints or else I will be scorned…. Thats exactly what happened. All at the hands of David Pershing!!!

    We know this because later while taking graduate courses in the Gerontology department with college of nursing, Dr. Wright the instructor told the class that “if” he refused to participate in the research, David Pershing would fire him.” Pres Betz and Pershing placed me one month late into my law and gerontology grad classes, but once in them, the harrassment began. The most sickening thing was Scott MacWard, David Pershing and Pres Betz hired or obtained another disabled student with MS and brain lesions to record me during class and out of class. I turned them in for Research Institute Board violation for conducting research on oppressed populations… its illegal and also compared to Tuskeegee Case. Once this was made known, classes were postponed, cancelled and instructor had to board a “flight.”

    Also, I need to make mention, that during this entire year ordeal, I ended up getting shingles–from stress. I emailed Disability Services and instructors for accommodation, and do you know that they denied me because they needed a doctors note. I asked them how can I get a doctors note when you’ve stolen all my money and abilities to get money? I also told them shingles is contagious up to 5 weeks, and asked, “are you sure you want me on campus?”

    There is much more with this story, and I need all your help “if” you are reading… Under Crime Victims I have the right to speak about this… However, my attentions cant speak about the case because we did submit it under the Federal Whistle Blowers Act, and resulted in multiple audits for the state… CIA/FBI however, we need you to help by blogging about this casse to your friends, neighbors, and public officials in order to get people like Mark Shurtleff, Preside David Pershing and Dean Mather, Dr. Butters and Taylor out of our public system. They are no good. They make Utahns look horrible and contribute to the affinity problems we have today.

    Please contact your representative, and participate in the higher education electoral, because higher education is what sets the standard for all our schools, and if this is what comes out of the “flag-ship” we are in bigger trouble than you might think…

    Take a moment to visit the Utah legislature and read the CIA audits and investigative pages. Its alarming. David and Becky have both retired… Saddened because they are the two people I was working with for greatness… related to people with disabilities and ADA laws n policies.

    The most unfortunate thing, is the crooks got away with it again, the vulnerable are even more impoverished, and defense attorney’s know how to play FBI and courts for causing more trauma onto the victims… and to think they do this on tax payer money…

  5. Pucelle d'Orleans

    People reading this need to google Utah Governor Gary Herbert, as his office was caught violating procurement contracts for the department of transportation/road work and Herbert somehow misused or appropriated 13 million dollars which found its way into his campaign some how… this is also being investigated, and can be found in the Utah Deseret News Paper.

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