Proposed Budget Fix to Help Governor Jim Doyle

Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle is upset. The budget is out of whack. (Go figure!) The government is spending money faster than it is coming in, and Doyle wants someone to fix it. (And remember… he’s already raided funds set aside for certain purposes to pay for the general budget. He can only do that so many times before those segregated funds are all used up.)

The current two-year budget looks like it’s going to go bust because tax collections will fall $652 million short of what was projected. And somehow, by August, we will be cash flow negative to the tune of $1.25 billion. Doyle says that unless someone finds him some money, he’s going to decrease payments to municipalities and school districts.

I have an easier fix: Stop spending so much.

Our State government is undeniably bloated. We have too many employees and too many programs. Quite simply, we need to start cutting programs and jobs. The purpose of government is not supposed to be that of the state’s largest employer!

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