This Week’s WalletPop Personal Finance Articles


You’re not going to miss $5,000 – Politicians spending your money again!

Don’t spend my tax dollars to prove the Patriots are cheaters! – Yes, we know they’re cheaters. Get over it!

More discounts at Wal-Mart benefit consumers across the board – Wal-Mart haters take note: They’ve helped keep prices low, wherever you shop.

The right to play on the internet at work isn’t protected by the Constitution? – And they wonder why I don’t have employees?

House in foreclosure? Set it on fire! – A clever new way to try to avoid foreclosure or to stick it to that naughty mortgage company that dares to take back your house after you stop paying for it.

Suze Orman answers financial questions from consumers – Great no-nonsense money advice from personal finance guru Suze Orman.

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