LifeLock Is Watching Me!

The people at LifeLock are on a serious mission to keep the company’s critics quiet. They even called me this week in an effort to “educate me” on the virtues of LifeLock so that I’d quit criticizing them publicly.

So imagine my surprise today at being notified that I had someone new “watching” me on Twitter. (To those who don’t know about Twitter, think of it as a mini-blog to which people can subscribe to see your updates.)

My new watcher was named Ben Rabicoff, and it only took me a few seconds to find out why: He’s the “online marketing manager” for LifeLock. (See profile information from LinkedIn below.)

The more LifeLock tries to keep critics quiet, the more I feel like my criticisms of the company are on point. They’ve offered no actual information that refutes the claims I’ve made: that their services aren’t worth the money, that the service isn’t effective at preventing identity theft, and that their guarantee is worthless.

All LifeLock has done is say I don’t know what I’m talking about. Sounds like a tactic used by MLMs… just say that the critics are wrong, ignorant, or biased against the company.

Here’s my bias: The services aren’t worth the money and the guarantee is really just a promise that they won’t help you. So I think I’ll just keep researching LifeLock and keep getting the word out about how ineffective the services are.


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  2. Tracy…

    If you say that Lifelock is as bad as you say, I believe you! You can be so right and yet people are so badly hypnotized by company rhetoric to even fully comprehend your more convincing information. I know what it is like to plainly state ones case against fraud, and still see people willing follow along behind all the little schemes and scams that now abound. People involved in such corruption must be ashamed. Those that chose to stay involved become corrupted by it.

    Although I am concerned about the exportation of the Great American Scam, Amway Global (which has nuked the Quixtar Dream). These scammers are now engaged in a public relations “revival” of sorts. After years of buying protection from Right Wing political figures, one might posture that this “change” in direction is to try and throw the Democratic hounds off the scent of corruption?

    Listen, where lifelock fails is simple. The truth is this: there is absolutely no way this side of hell to prevent ones identity from being hijacked. Since any person can already invoke all the rudimentary precautions without lifelock??? Where’s the cheese for my cake?

    No real need for the service, and people paying for it basically are fleeced.

    Timothy Sykes…

    Funny, your comments remind me of something a con artist MLM type usually would make. Look into my eyes and repeat after me: “The truth hurts real bad at first, but can cure you in time.” Intervention is never easy at first.

    At this moment in time, there are more scams and schemes operating like cancers both at home and around the world. I don’t believe that Tracy Coenen has to lie to describe how obviously bad of a deal this stinker “Life-lock” is. Okay, Life-lock, isn’t Proctor and Gambil, but represent a sign of our times. Any way to make a buck rears its head!

    Old cons, scams, and schemes become new again, ready to fleece a whole new generation of people. Consumers must be extremely wise to avoid stashing cash down a rat hole for a service that really doesn’t work and cannot work. They should also never believe in delusional con-man inspired schemes and dreams sold by anyone with a plan or opportunity to sell.

    It is a sad thing when even the U.S. cannot shut down the scams that this country exports worldwide, and we want to Criticize China? Isn’t that where Amway hopes to fleece a large unsuspecting population at present?

    Tracy, there’s just too much fraud, corruption, and dirty dealing going on everywhere for anyone to keep up with. Political payoffs, protection schemes, and behind door deal making, enough to keep fraud watchers busy into the next century. One thing never changes: greed. Keeps the wheels of crooks turning.

  3. Tracy Coenen

    Uggh – I’ve seen the Quixtar Amway television commercials and they make me want to vomit. Keep up the good fight against them.

    As an aside – I commonly get accused of being negative or having a chip on my shoulder for picking on particular companies. People just don’t realize that I bust scams for a living, and so when I see a company like this which I feel is misleading consumers, I make it my business to get the word out. The only way we can truly help consumers is by educating them. I get nothing from warning consumers about these sketchy companies, other than the satisfaction that the information was made available for those who take the time to research.

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