Suspect in Title Company Fraud to be Charged with Felonies


In March I wrote about a case involving Parkview Title Service and a mom and daughter team that allegedly stole huge sums of money from it. In mid-2006, Bill Molkenthen (the owner of Parkview) believed that Bobbi Moths and her daughter Jamie Wilson were stealing from him, using the money to pay personal bills like mortgages and other personal expenses. He estimates that the theft was over $200,000, and he went to the police with his suspicions. As the case was heating up, Wilson committed suicide.

Bobbi Moths opened Excel Title on Hampton Avenue after the Waukesha location of Parkview closed, but a June 5 report in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel said that Moths has closed Excel.

And now my sources indicate to me that on May 22, Bobbi Moths appeared at the Waukesha police station to be booked on three felony counts related to the Parkview fraud. Additional felony charges in the case are supposedly forthcoming. It’s been said that the IRS is investigating Moths as well.

A little more history on the case:

In early 2004, Parkview Title Service opens a Waukesha location, with Bobbi Moths overseeing the operations. She almost immediately hires her daughter Jamie to work there. Within a month, Jamie allegedly begins paying her $2,500 a month home mortgage from the company’s trust account.

In early 2006, there is an offer from Moths and her husband to buy Parkview Title. This never really goes anywhere due to happenings in the Moths family. Wauwatosa Credit Union sues Parkview Title around this time and gets a default judgment for over $22,000 since the lawsuit was “overlooked” and never answered. The judgment is thrown out in July 2006, and the case is settled privately.

In June 2006, more problems surface. The IRS is sending notices of unpaid taxes and an underwriter wants to perform an audit but Moths stalls for more time. She tells Molkenthen she’s taking care of all of it, but that a computer has crashed and there is no information available for the trust account. (This is the account from which the alleged theft occurred.)

Moths quits Parkview Title in September 2006, and the following month, the bank notifies Molkenthen that a loan funding of over $100,000 has bounced due to insufficient funds in the trust account. Then Parkview Title receives a call from someone whose home sale had closed many months earlier, who was still owed $83,000. Molkenthen checked the company’s records, and a check for $83,000 had cleared the bank… but was deposited by Jamie Wilson into a personal account.

Wilson commits suicide in November 2006 after bank investigators contact her to discuss checks she deposited into her personal account.

Molkenthen tries to unravel everything that occurred while Bobbi Moths worked for him, and he finds that she was holding herself out as an owner of Parkview Title. (She was not.) While pretending to be an owner, Moths allegedly got credit cards in the company’s name and opened a bank account in the name of the company, none of which was known by the real owner.

More information as it becomes available.

9 thoughts on “Suspect in Title Company Fraud to be Charged with Felonies

  1. Kay

    What a mess. So what happens in a case like this…does the husband of the deceased have to make restitution (obviously he benefited by her theft). I would have to imagine he would have known about it as it dug them out of financial turmoil. What a tangled web. I couldn’t imagine depositing $83,000 into my personal account and think that I would be able to get away with it.

  2. Tracy Coenen

    I wonder too if he will be held liable for any of the benefits he received from the money.

  3. resident

    I really hope and pray that they have to pay taxes on the money they stole (Jamie’s estate should really have to ante up) and pay back some of the money – becuase it will also cost tax payers around $300,000 in Social Security benefits to see their 5 children into adulthood. I’m sure the IRS is going to want their cut! Neighbors are really up in arms about this case. Some parents of the local school did fundraisers and made classmates of the children feel guilty for not donating. I can think of other families that are truly in need. I remember picking up my kids from school and seeing one of the Wilson children stuffing a $10 bill into her pocket that another child gave her. If I were these two families I’d move far, far away once this got settled. I would feel horrible for what my family members did and how it helped me to get ahead.

  4. sirgeraldbirkin


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  5. kay

    Just heard that Moths is being charged with 5 counts of fraud. I am really surprised that there were no charges or claims for restitution brought against the husband/estate of Wilson. I am very surprised that more hasn’t been made publicly of this case.

  6. aimee

    No surprise-we refinanced our home via parkview, moths and her daughter-plenty of ‘costs’ came up at signing –pushing us to ‘sign’ despite the numbers not matching–between them and sterling financial in milw (owner from watertown) we where taken for at least 20k if not more-filed a complaint against sterling sw/the state who saw to it their license was pulled for fraud, along with falsification of our homes value by over 50k-which resulted in an ‘upside down’ mortage we couldn’t pay when payments ballooned from 800 a month to more than 16k..just thankful they got caught-Aimee E.

  7. kay

    Aimee – so sorry to hear that. I am so surprised that nothing else was ever brought up about Jamie’s family personally having to pay some of the fees. I live close to where her family lives and have watched them build a new house and driving very expensive cars, Harley’s, towing boats and snow mobiles. I don’t think these people have a clue about an honest days work. Truthfully I think they all just got a slap on the wrist other then the children Jamie left behind.

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