Red Cross rip-off


The American Red Cross says this man, who identified himself as James H. Williams, stole $12,000 of debit cards which were meant to go to people who were victims of the June floods in Wisconsin. This picture is him using the debit cards at ATMs to get the cash off them.

The Red Cross says he submitted the names of 22 people who were supposedly flood victims living in Oconomowoc. The cards were activated and given to him, and he ran around Milwaukee to automatic teller machines to get the cash.

The agency says this creep has volunteered with the agency for four years. (This is probably why he knew it would be so easy to commit this fraud.) There is no word on how they figured out he kept the debit cards for his own use. Police are looking for him.

3 thoughts on “Red Cross rip-off

  1. Ken Purviance

    Just ask anyone who has been in the military what they think of the red cross . When i was going over seas we were all linmd up om the docks in sanfrisco here came the red cross they really made a show getting thei trucks turned around the gray lsdies came down the line and gave every one a tiny paper cup of oarnge po[p and a small ginger bread cookie . then they followed right down told every one we had to give them 2 dollars .At rhat time you could buy a biog bottle of pop for a nickle obout the same for a cookie .Most of us werent rolling in money I will give to the salvation army but not those ripoff artests frome thje red cross

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