A Day in the Life of a Multi-Level Marketer

This little piece is compliments of TerminatedRamp, a frequent poster on a Yahoo message board for Usana Health Sciences (NASDAQ:USNA). This analysis is right on the money!

This man “Prescott” is trying to sell USANA’s 4.5 oz Fluoride Free Toothpaste, which costs $7.50 autoship price. Of course he has to frighten his potential customers before approaching them with his products. But he can do that all he wants. Lets look at facts Mr. Diploma Mill can’t refute:

USANA’s 4.5 oz Fluoride Free Toothpaste is $7.50 autoship and $8.33 wholesale.

Tom’s of Maine: Natural Clean & Gentle Care SLS-Free Antiplaque plus Whitening Fluoride-Free Toothpaste is 5.2 oz and $3.91 from Drugstore.com.. You get 16% more than USANA’s and it is half the price!

How about “Vademecum Toothpaste, Fluoride Free” available on Americarx.com.. It is a 5 oz container that only costs $4.05.

The real issue here is the overpriced USANA products distributors are faced with. Victims are misled and recruited daily into the “Business Opportunity”. They are led to believe USANA products are superior and are on a level of quality above all other similar brands. They are led to believe their products are very inexpensive by claiming network marketing bypasses all the expensive middlemen in typical businesses.

These victims start off trying to retail and sell USANA products to the family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors. During this time, they face a lot of criticism from those they trusted. Upline leaders quickly tell them that it is expected because they are jealous of their new business and to ignore those who get in the way of their dreams of financial freedom.

So now they hit the coffee shops, book stores, grocery stores, shopping malls, and even their church. After they face an enormous amount of rejection due to the “Overpriced” product, they seek their upline leader’s help. The upline’s new advice is to not worry about trying to sell the “product” to anyone. The new plan of attack is to recruit new distributors. By doing so, they will be required to make 28 day purchases to keep their business active and you get the group sales volume (GSV) points from those new distributors. Now this is the point where many distributors face the moral dilemma. Most distributors leave the business opportunity at this point because they realize everyone they recruit will face the same problems, which was the impossibility to actually retail the overpriced product to anyone.

Those that stay in and continue the opportunity of financial freedom are on their way of no longer being a victim. The recruiting effort begins. They start with their family members, friends, co-workers, and neighbors. The rejection at this point severs many relationships because most people understand that the person trying to recruit them is doing so to make money off of them. This just isn’t something you do to someone close to you. Now many distributors at this point are angry and ashamed of themselves, and of course they quit. But those that continue because they truly feel everyone is just jealous of their path to financial freedom are now entering the point of no return.

The point of no return is when the distributor is consumed by USANA. They attend all the local meetings, attend all the conventions, buy all the sales tools sold by their upline leaders, buy, buy, buy… They want to put everything they have into the business. The want to prove everyone wrong who opposed their business. They find all the material they can that makes it look like their products are superior to the everyday items. They do what Steve Prescott is doing; Fluoride evil, Iron evil, Parabens Evil, FDA Evil, Pharmaceutical Drug Companies Evil, and so on. Of course, Water is bad for everyone too if taken in excess, but don’t bother trying to explain that to distributors who are hungry for recruits.

Financial Freedom is only right around the corner. With a handful of recruited distributors in the downline, it is only a matter of time until those recruits start recruiting their own distributors. But be careful how you train them. First, you want to make them “believe”. Don’t mind the diarrhea and stomach cramps that follow taking 1000% the RDA of Vitamin C. It’s just cleansing the toxins out of your body. Believe!. Don’t worry about the price of the products because you need to purchase 100 Sales Points every 28 days whether the Essentials costs $5, $15, $39, or $100. Just get to 100 SP so you can remain commission qualified. Do it so the upline can reach their dreams of financial freedom. Oops, don’t tell them that part…

Unfortunately, the majority of recruits end up dropping out. Losers anyway, right? I mean, if Steve Prescott can be a Diamond Director, so can everyone else!. Now with only a couple recruits in the downline, the financial loss keeps on building. This is the point that many distributors end up leaving their spouses. The business consumes the distributor passed the point of common sense. The spouse can’t deal with the consumption of the USANA business. It has become too much to deal with when friends and family don’t want to be around them anymore.

If a distributor leaves the business at this point, it is a miracle. But lets say the distributor stays in. What now? Time to make a great life changing story involving USANA so everyone can go Ooooo over and clap with amazement as the story gets told during weekly distributor meetings. All Upline leaders have a story. Naturally, right? How can you become wealthy without a story? Story it is. Oh, and it is time to travel as well. No use trying to recruit anyone in the hometown since someone might know the story isn’t entirely true.

Another bonus is to find the nearest diploma mill so you can get a degree in something that concerns health. If you can find the time to do it, try getting a Pd.D. without actually finishing the work. Then when you describe your education, you can do so by stating: Mr. Whatever – Ph.D./abd… While all that remains is the thesis, no need to actually do one because nobody would know what “abd” means anyway. So just show up to class, or better yet take the courses over the internet.

If you can fool enough people with credentials that don’t mean anything, maybe now people will be more likely to sign up. Everyone trusts professionals over non-professionals. Heck, Since we have a Pd.D./abd degree, lets just put “DR” in front of the name. Dr. Snake can now sell oil…

So this distributor succeeds! After many many years, the distributor starts making a profit. The distributor proved all their family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors wrong. It only took recruiting and managing to get over 100 distributors to remain in long enough to be able to replace them all by the end of the year. It took a lot, and getting used to people hating this distributor was a long journey. All the distributor had to do was to think of only their self. And besides, being at the Silver Director level proves that people can advance in the system. When it is done correctly, everyone can succeed. Now the journey to becoming a Diamond Director! It is a shame that people can’t do the business as successfully as this distributor did. Multilevel Marketing is for the average person because this distributor made it. However, it is unfortunate that 99% of distributors lose money.

So here is the solution! Instead of recruiting what appears to be only below average people into the business opportunity, why don’t we start recruiting only above average people! Even a third grader could figure this one out!. The road to financial freedom is smooth sailing. All the distributors buy the product because they have to every 28 days – I mean, because they love the product. Thank God USANA has this rule in place because the residual income all upline leaders depend on comes from this required 28 day fee to be commission eligible.

So the distributor has finally found their calling and discovers that the greatest pyramids aren’t in Egypt, but in their own backyard in the state of Utah. Where better to be than a state where its own attorney general Mark Shurtleff endorses USANA? This man says that the only way for Bill Gates to become any richer, is to become a USANA distributor. Has he even bothered to tell Bill Gates yet? I’m sure Mr. Gates wouldn’t mind knowing about this great opportunity.

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  1. LOL

    Nice posting. You have an acute sense of humor and a keen eye to spot and point out the important REAL details about the “turning of the mechanism”.

    Tell me something, TerminatedRamp, does the USANA-to-distributor contract have something like this:

    “A new Team Member’s primary source of business income is derived from selling the products at the suggested retail price. The retail profit is the difference between the Retail Price and the Team Member price of the product, less shipping costs.”

    Guess where I got this quote from… (and I get to laugh every turn I confront some Agel Team Member who is trying to move up the pyramid by recruiting other people, just as he has been taught to do).

    Best Regards,


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