Only in Eugene Kane’s World


For those who aren’t local to Milwaukee, Eugene Kane is a columnist for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel who writes about racism. No matter what happens, it’s always motivated by racism.

The debate about light rail has been going on for years. The bottom line is that it won’t work for Milwaukee. It’s too expensive, will have too few riders, and won’t have enough reach to make it worthwhile. But in Kane’s world…

Frankly, the resistance to light rail has always seemed to me motivated by concerns other than economic ones, particularly the potential for residents of the central city to access suburban locations where jobs are more plentiful. In Milwaukee, the anti-light rail crowd often seems more intent on limiting, rather than expanding, the ability of inner-city residents to find jobs.

Who knew that people were against light rail primarily to keep inner city (black) people from getting jobs in the suburbs? A grand conspiracy, indeed!

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