Usana Health Sciences and recruiting distributors in churches

If you’ve ever been involved in a multi-level marketing (MLM) company of any kind, you know that one of the favorite recruiting grounds is churches. Especially with companies that supposedly promote “Christian” values (like Mary Kay), the church is the logical place to find recruits.

Sadly, many pastors have no idea how abusive the MLM business structure is, and the fact that 99% of participants in MLMs actually lose money. Oh sure, it sounds great to be self-employed and to help others be self-employed so they can find more time for their families… Fits right into a Christian lifestyle, doesn’t it?

It’s really too bad that the pastors of these churches aren’t aware of the lies and deceptions that run rampant through the entire MLM business model. The lies start during the recruiting process, and if you want to move up, you’ll be telling plenty of those lies yourself.

Our friend TerminatedRamp from the Yahoo message board on Usana Health Sciences (NASDAQ:USNA) recently posted about this issue. Usana defenders apparently claimed that Usana associates do not recruit in churches, but the evidence uncovered by TerminatedRamp on the internet shows differently:

Looking for a fellow USANA associate working with churches or has advice for prospecting church pastor. Thank you. Link

I’ve been with Usana for 12 years in June this year. I had received an email over 2 years ago regarding non profit organizations such as gyms and churches looking to support their organizations and create a win/win situation … As a past international competitive gymnast of 10 years I have been connecting with 7 gymnastic clubs within Calgary Alberta and I am progressing forward to setting up appointments and yet needing further info non profits and how they can truly benefit from partnering with my team and Usana.

I would appreciate feedback on approach as well as do’s and don’t in connecting with non-profit organizations ( schools too – as I work as an education assistant with the Board of Education in Calgary, AB.. )

Success stories would be helpful too Link

Has anyone placed a non-profit organization in USANA? Our team is currently working with a Catholic Church and school. If anyone has experienced with this type of project, your guidance on the procedures you went through and information on the results of your project will be much appreciated. Thank you so much for your kind assistance. Link

I too have several non-profit organizations that could sign up if I only knew the procedure. I will be going to a church this Sunday where my upline will be making a presentation. The minister will be signing up under another USANA affiliate, but how does the minister move his earnings toward the church? Is the “church” to sign up as a member, then the members can sign up under the church? Link

My team presented to a school foundation about using Usana as a fundraiser. They seemed concerned about the “ethics” of doing this and when we mentioned that many other schools and churches, etc have gotten involved, they seemed skeptical. If anyone has enrolled non-profit organizations in their business (especially schools and churches and especially in Canada) could you e-mail me with their names and where they’re from. I’m hoping that a list that shows how many of them there are would help sway their decision. Also any tips of how you got these organizations as well as ways to promote the products through a school would be most appreciated. I will compile the list and tips that I get and post it when I get the feedback so everyone can use it. Link

Now for a few of the churches that are signed up as distributors!
Valley United Pentecostal Church
Church of his Kingdom
Jesus Holy Ghost Temple
Gracelife Baptist Student Union

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  1. There are many many books, tapes, DVDs and tapes that expose the pentecostal and charismatic occult “speaking in tongues” movement. I’ve read some good books on the matter, but they all expose a piece of it. I’m working on a book that will expose all of it. Some of the best works are by Dr. Peter S. Ruckman. He does not allow advertising of his website. So you will have to ask around and/or type in to the search engines. He has a church in Pensacola, Florida: Bible Baptist church, I believe it is. He also runs Pensacola Bible Institute and Bible Baptist Bookstore and authors by and large Bible Believers Bulletin.. He also has trained more than thirty missionaries and refers you to King James Bible Society, 547 Benjulyn Rd, Cantonment FL 32533 if you need King James Bibles. Donations are also accepted to help send more to missionaries. -Rocky

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