The Lure of Multi-Level Marketing


I constantly marvel at how multi-level marketing (MLM) can continue to lure in millions of people a year, who collectively pump billions of dollars into these losers. Time and again, industry experts calculate a failure rate of 99% (failure = losing money on the deal) … And still consumers line up to sign up for these things.

Even the COLD HARD FACT that they have almost no chance of turning a profit does not deter them. Stop and think about it. These people have less than a 1% chance of turning a profit in MLM, yet they still sign up and pay hundreds or thosands of dollars each into these recruiting schemes. (Schemes… because the name of the game is signing them up and getting their money via fees to join and/or inventory purchases.) Consumers have a better chance of coming out ahead if they simply put their money on a table in Vegas. Continue reading

Cookies and Coffee Now Mean “Come Join Our Church.”


From the “how many ways can we waste taxpayer dollars” file…

Daniel B. Kapustin has filed a complaint with the state’s Government Accountability board about the September 9 elections held at Christ the King Lutheran Church in Delafield. City buildings are under construction, so the church is the temporary polling location.

The impetus for the complaint? Church members were handing out coffee and cookies to voters. He says that means they were trying to interest voters in joining their church. City Clerk Gina Gresch says they had permission to do it, were not electioneering, and were more than 100 feet from the polling room.

Advice to Kapustin: Don’t stop at the table and accept the coffee and cookies.

Mark Cuban’s Idea On a Private Bailout of the Financial Sector


Mark Cuban has an idea: Let’s scrap this government bailout of the financial sector and instead make it private. Create an Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) that buys the distressed securities these companies want to get rid of, as well as all warrants and shares of stock in the companies themselves. Investors choose whether or not to put their money into the fund and Mark is  offering up $50 million of his own funds to invest in such a plan. Continue reading

The problem is not the funding formula!


Tonight the Milwaukee Public Schools board met to discuss the possibility of dissolving the district. The consensus is that they can’t do it.

But the sheer ignorance is stunning. The sound bytes from board members went like this: “The problem is the funding formula. We need to fix our funding.”

Wrong! The problem is the spending. The district is wasting nearly $14,000 per child. It’s wasteful because children aren’t being educated, and because the amount is excessive.  That’s not a funding problem. That’s quite simply a spending problem.

Somebody please check Henry Paulson


This whole “bailout” of the financial sector bothers me. It bothers me that as a taxpayer, I will be on the hook for a nice chunk of the $500 billion to $1 trillion that this will cost. (And the way things are looking, the cost may be closer to $2 trillion.)

It bothers me that executives on Wall Street got multi-million dollar bonuses and perks in recent years, but now they don’t have to share in the downside of what they’ve done. (What they’ve done is made a ton of bad loans to parties who weren’t credit worthy, and then they engaged in a series of selling those loans by lying to the buyers.) Continue reading

Would You Sleep on a Wet Mattress for 59 Days for $295,000?


How much money would it take for you to agree to sleep on a wet matress for 59 days?  The mattress keeps getting wet over the 59 days, so it gets a little moldy and a little smelly. But would you do it for $295,000?

A Wisconsin prisoner was just awarded $295,000 by a jury for that exact thing. Reggie Townsend is in prison with a 23-year sentence for killing an 11-year-old girl when firing a gun throughout up a neighborhood one night. Continue reading

The End of Life As We Know It


We now have a Socialist marketplace. I thought that the Democrats were the ones who would lead us there, but I was wrong. It is a Republican administration that has taken us down this road to ruin.

No longer does capitalism mean what it used to… that people worked hard to succeed, and determined their own success or failure. We had some government programs in place to help those in need when they were down on our luck. Continue reading

Dissolve MPS? Yes, please!


Late this past week, the Milwaukee Public Schools board voted 6 to 3 in favor of “examining” the possibility of dissolving the district. This would be a sort of bankruptcy situation, and basically that is where the district is headed eventually. The teachers are so grossly overpaid and the administration is so excessively wasteful with taxpayer money, that the taxpayers simply can’t afford to let this continue.

Of course, MPS officials aren’t blaming themselves for being incompetent and having an awful school system: Continue reading