Milwaukee: Piling On the Taxes

If you live in Milwaukee, get ready for even higher taxes and fees. Everyone in the area knows that if you live in Milwaukee, you’re paying some of the highest taxes around. Property taxes are sky high, we have the highest sales tax of any county in the state, and our fees are obnoxious.

It’s about to get worse. Here’s what is in store for us:

When will our politicains learn that the answer is not to increase fees and taxes? Why are they trying to hide their spending by calling things “fees” instead of exactly what they are: taxes? How much more do they think property owners can take?

The answer is to cut our government. Oh sure, the media tries to scare citizens by mentioning things like cuts to the fire department and police. Let’s try a more common sense approach to this. The five guys I see standing around when street repairs are supposed to be happening? Fire three or four of them. I don’t need to pay them $30 or $40 an hour plus benefits to stand around all day.

Let’s cut back trash collection, or better yet, let’s privatize it. Let’s give homeowners a say in their services, and use a private company that has homeowners pay based upon how much trash they produce.

There are all kinds of non-essential services that simply need to be cut. Taxpayers can’t take much more of this. Our government is out of control and we need to stop them. We are getting closer and closer to becoming Socialists, and history proves (quite nicely) that Socialism doesn’t work. Let’s go back to our roots as a capitalist society. Privatize as much as possible. Quit forcing citizens to pay dearly for a bloated and ineffective government.


  1. Jerry D

    Well, the city of milwaukee finally taxed me out of my home.I’ve lived here 68 years. too
    High property tax raises, jacked up the water bill, jacked up the auto fee’s, jacked up house taxes, jacked up 22% for natural gas, WE energies already had 3 rate increases since the first of the year 2008, now they want a 15,5% raise for school taxes.Social security gives me a $20.00 a month increase in which medicare took it away. What the good Lord givith the City and Government takith away.
    So the first of Nov we are going into forecloseure, I never thought I’d see that day. And I can thank the Bush Admin. for that.

    But the way i understand it, i won’t be the only one under the bridge.

  2. Jerry D

    I don’t ever think this country will be back on it feet again.
    Maybe after the next three President’s things might get better.

    They should go after all those crooks that are getting the 300 billion dollars for bonus and raises for the fine services they did.

  3. Tracy Coenen

    Sadly, you won’t be the only one suffering. But these officials seem to have never taken an economics class in their lives. As more people leave the city because of the high tax burden, the taxes will have to be raised for those who stay, escalating the exodus, and so on.

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