But There’s No Evidence of Voter Fraud!


Check out this bit of circular reasoning: The Wauwatosa Common Council has rejected a request for officials to verify voter registrations because “There is no historical evidence to show (voter fraud) is a problem in Wauwatosa.” (Alderman Craig Maher) Except there is “no evidence” of voter fraud because the voter rolls have never been checked.

There is a debate going on in Wisconsin over verifying voter eligibility, since the Government Accountability Board refuses to follow federal law. As in other municipalities, there is a request for Wauwatosa election officials to check voter registrations from January 1, 2006 through August 4, 2008 against state drivers license records, which is required by the federal law. The officials have only checked registrations occuring after August 4, 2008.

The goal with these checks is clear: To make sure that registrations are legitimate, people live in the community in which they’ve registered, and they’re eligible to vote. Of special concern are the registrations filed through a third party or by mail.

In August, the state reported that 22% of voter registrations that they checked didn’t match driver records. The newspaper article about this cites “typos” as the reason for most of the mismatches, but then turns around and says that the state doesn’t really know how many of the mismatches are caused by this. (Translation: The reporter lied when he said the reason for the mismatches was typos.)

What happens to those whose information doesn’t match their driver’s license information? They get a letter telling them to fix it. How absurd that these checks don’t even disqualify people from voting!

Those against checking the registrations claim it “disenfranchises” voters, but there’s no evidence to support that claim. Rather, the claim is a bit of fear mongering. The claim that somehow legitimate voters will be denied the right to vote if registrations are verified is complete hogwash, but lawmakers are instead basically ensuring that illegitimate registrations will make it possible for many fraudulent votes to be cast.

5 thoughts on “But There’s No Evidence of Voter Fraud!

  1. Barbara

    I think were basically S$#@^*D. Over 3000 fellons in Florida have not been removed from the voters registration. They give the excuse that they are understaffed and never had time to have them removed. It is happening all over and I think we have a serious issue with what is going on in this country. Liberals all over the country are claiming that we don’t need another Bush in office. I don’t see Jeb running for office so were not getting another Bush. Just because people see what Bush has done as bad they assume that all republicans are going to do the same thing. They see Obama as change. Of course he is change he is not Bush. This article I found this morning was a little unnearvning to me. http://voices.kansascity.com/node/2493 It looks like they are flat out calling anyone who thinks Obama’s ideas are a bit Socialist are really just being racist.

    States need to get their acts together and really investigate what is going on wih the election. A few years back florida got a bad name for not knowing how to vote. We all remember the “Hanging Chad”. That was the first year I voted and honestly I had no problem figuring out how it worked. Now people have figured out how to get an extra vote added to the list. I guess they want to make sure they get their votes counted weather is is 1 or more times than they leagally have the right to. It is sad when people have to cheat just to try and get someone elected into office. No wonder this country is going so down hill. Look at the people we are surounded by.

  2. Tracy Coenen

    I’m afraid people are going to be really shocked when they see what the “change” means for them. The financial mess we’re in? This will look like a day at the park. Expect markets to go down, production to suffer, many many more jobs to be lost, and the list goes on. Anti-capitalist regulations and policies will NOT be good for our country.

  3. Barbara

    Tracy here is a little something that should have been questiond when he threw his hat into the ring…. What is wrong with this country??? We should have never gotten to this point if what is said here is true.

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