My New Hero – James T. Harris


Conservative talk radio host James T. Harris has stood up and voiced what many of us want to say. He’s now been the target of many threats and racial slurs. James, thank you for standing up for your beliefs and for doing what is right. I am praying for you and your family.

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  1. c fran smith

    Mr. Harris
    Like YOU, I see NO (COLOR). What’s Black got to do with it. Senator Obama uses the RACE card like most of us use our credit cards. Lemmon on CNN is showing his COLOR! I feel this is a two way street & we the people are NOT getting the real TRUTH. Lemmon like MOST of the media wants Obama in no matter what the cost.
    Thank You Mr. Harris for standing up for what you believe, I am with you on this one.

    I am WHITE & I would have proudly voted for Mr. King, now he was true President material.

  2. bradley wargin

    I don’t understand why none of the main stream media is reporting the factual story of the the law suit filed against Barack Obama in August by attorney Philip Berg requesting his birth certificate, passport and college documents? What did Mr. Obama and the DNC do when they were served with this law suit? They filed a montion to dismiss and block? WHY? How long would it take you to find your birth certificate and passport? What is Obama hiding? Go to for the complete story.

  3. Milwaukee

    If Mr. Harris was a true conservative, then he never would have forgotten the ‘RRR’: Republican Rules of Racism. Not only did he look pathetic, he in sea full of White folks clamoring for Senator Obama’s death, begging McCain to ‘bring it’ or ‘take it’ or whatever urban phrasing he used for the occasion to speak to the Senator. But what was even worse is that he gave McCain truly pitiful advice. The reason Bill Ayers isn’t sticking and won’t, is because the reality is that no one considers White men in this country, that want to bomb things and go against this country to be ‘terrorists’. Never heard Timothy McVeigh referred to as one. Never heard that creep David Koresh from Waco called one. Never heard the Unibomber referred to as one.

    No. Those men are ‘misunderstood’. There are countless documentaries on A&E and the History Channel that probe ‘why’ they became the killers that they are and were. This is not to say that Ayers isn’t a terrorist. What I am saying is that internally, in the back of people’s minds and never more than ever in this post 911 society, terrorists don’t look like William Ayers.

    So Mr. Harris, lame conservative that he is, would have been better off standing up in that crowd and telling John McCain to find a darker skinned ‘terrorist’ that Sen. Obama palled around with. Since I’m clearly not for McCain, I honestly have to say that I loved the advice Harris gave McCain! Yes, please keep hammering in Ayers. Keep showing his face on TV letting people know that he doesn’t look much like Bin Ladin. And better yet, keep showing him as the harmless looking old man that he has become. Maybe Barack Obama can lengthen his lead even further…

  4. mo

    John McCain is NOT a conservative. Didnt he vote for the bail out plan? So you all should stop using that lame excuse that he is a conservative. Ron Paul is a TRUE conservative…

  5. Tracy Coenen

    Lorenzo – Agreed! Thankfully the fraud committed by the Democrats was not successful. I’m afraid we won’t be so lucky this time around. The fraud via ACORN and other Democrat organizations may very well be successful this time.


    James T. Harris,
    I so admire you! I have -since the first time I had the privilege to hear you as a talk show host. What a world we could have if there were more strong men to step up and lead with the courage of their convictions. It makes no difference what race you are–in this day and time strong men of any color are what this country needs to put things right–in society, in the family and as fathers to our children. It pains me deeply to see all of the senseless flack that you have drawn over your choice to speak your mind in front of the national media…the media in Milwaukee is pathetic but so are the apathetic and lazy component of the citizens that demand nothing better…The national media really put their spin to you and the consequence of having to deal with the idiots at CNN can really make one appreciate how senseless it is to even try to win when the media has an agenda in mind. John McCain could have parted the Red Sea at the end of that debate last night and BO covering up a yawn would have gotten the applause. It is my hope that nothing that happens as a consequence of this abomination to your character will do a thing to change your path. You are a bright ray of hope..I am sick at heart that my sons have been wooed by the BO “koolaide”..It took their activist mother many years of example to get them to even consider voting–and now I just shudder to know that they will be sitting, straight in line for the splash as it all hits the fan..and they may then wander off into the vast waste land of non-voters who will all gather with their disillusionment and egg on their face..we need our youth to believe in America in order for us to pull it together..this may well be the most tragic affect of the smoke and mirrors that is Barack Obama…whether he wins or loses–we will all lose something precious. Be blessed, be safe—prayers for you and your family!

  7. To Milwauke,Over and over again it was well-noted that Timothy McVeigh as well as the Unibomber were “Home-grown terrorist”. Obama is slick,cool and calm on the surface.Snakes are that way also,wait and see if he’s elected,he will coil and strike.McCain may seem to be on the attack,well a good Lion attacks when it is needed.I’d prefer a lion in charge of America anyday rather than a snake.There is a double-standard here when considering Obamas connections with Ayers,Acorn and even Pres. Mugabe and yet oh you can’t dare compare. Yet, McCain is daily compared and connected with Pres. Bush. McCain isn’t the arrogant one here.My supporting McCain hasn’t anything to do with Sen. Obamas color,but with whom he associates himself with. How stupid for people to even bring up “he was only 8” when anyone with a brain should know it’s about recent years and their connection. What would be wrong with giving Sen. Obama 4 more years to prove himself and who he really is,rather than to just vote for him regardless. I commend Mr. Harris and pray for thesafety of he and his family.The far-left is making a war out of this election and if you know your history, we know that all great empires fell from within! Ask yourselves where is America headed. To Armageddon swiftly.Yet no one will listen to Mr. Harris and others who have the wisdom and guts to stand up and tell the truth!God Bless you Mr. Harris and please God Bless America and intervene in this mess!!!

  8. Anne

    I admire Mr. Harris for his stand. We in Hawaii are told that since Obama was born here and went to high school here (he lived in Indonesia in between), we should vote for “the local boy” and keep the “aloha spirit.” That is about as silly as saying that we should vote based on race, gender or any other divisive point. If I voice my support for McCain, and I am very careful who I say this to, I am attacked as disloyal. I am sorry that Mr. Harris is attacked so viciously and will keep him and his family in my prayers. I am Caucasian with American Indian ancestry (3 greats grandmother–Cherokee) with children who are one-half Hawaiian and grandchildren and great grandchildren who are, as we say here in Hawaii, “chop suey” or of many ethnicities–Polynesian, Asian, Caucasian, American Indian and black. God bless America and John McCain.

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