Recent Articles From WalletPop Personal Finance


It’s been a while since I’ve highlighted any of my articles from AOL’s personal finance site That’s mainly because I’ve been so busy that I haven’t written a whole lot for them over the past two months. I’ll be posting more in the near future.

A few of my articles:

AIG spa trip redux: Canceled! – A second luxury vacation for top producers has been canceled. (Good move.)

AIG to taxpayers: Pay no attention to the $440,000 spa trip – Yikes! A luxury spa visit when taxpayers are funding bailouts.

Weight loss charlatan banned from infomercials temporarily – Another slap on the wrist for Kevin Trudeau

Fooled by free – Tactics retailers use to trick you into buying

Confused on the origins of this Wall Street crisis? – A simple explanation of the roots of the financial crisis

Get paid $18 million for three weeks of work – Gotta love those golden parachutes

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