My Recent Articles at AOL’s WalletPop


Here are a few of the more interesting articles I’ve written at AOL’s personal finance site WalletPop recently.

An uglier side to the AIG story – Employees being harassed and intimidated by consumers.

Hey Big Three : No bailout for you! – Why the automakers shouldn’t get bailout funds. Let them file bankruptcy and truly change their business model.

Trading an NFL career for prison life – Michael Vick files bankruptcy while in prison.

Just say NO to cities wanting bailout funds – Everyone has their hand out for federal money. (Why shouldn’t they? Paulson is passing it out like it’s going out of style.) Now cities want some too.

Economic stimulus check, take 2 – You could still get money if you’ve hit hard times – If your 2007 income on your tax return didn’t qualify you for an economic stimulus check, your 2008 tax return might.

$700 billion and counting: What the “bailout” is really costing taxpayers – The true cost of bailing out Wall Street and everyone else.

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