Shop to Earn: Please Get My web Address Right

In a lame, half-hearted attempt to counteract the truths posted here about Shop To Earn and Shop To Earth, the company has started an “official” blog. The blog tells readers next to nothing, but is a place for STE brokers to high-five each other about the company.

The company is so surprised that anyone visited the blog, that they issued a press release about it. They’re thrilled that they had 2,500 visitors and 50 comments in the first 48 hours. That’s actually a little sad, since the company claims they have 45,000 members/brokers who each received the announcement about the blog. (That means that even if all their visitors were members, only 5.5% of the members cared about the blog!)

I even got a mention in the press release, but sadly, ShopToEarn got my web address wrong:

“This blog is our official voice online. With certain sources spreading misinformation on the web, we wanted to make sure the real facts were available,” said Shop To Earn CEO, Dan Swiniarski. “Writers on blogs like base their information on inaccurate facts that are one-sided. We wanted to give our members a chance to speak for themselves.”

It’s important to mention that in the early days of our discussions here on STE, their attorney, Gerald Nehra, tried to stop the negative legitimate criticism of the program. I invited him to point out any inaccuracies in my posts so that I could amend them. Of course, he never pointed out any.

I think this is a noble effort by ShopToEarn to get better search engine rankings. Hopefully soon more of their brokers will actually care about their blog, and they won’t have to issue silly, useless press releases about it.

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