One thought on “United First Financial Memo About Blogs and Forums

  1. Craig Hansen

    Thanks for posting this, Tracy.

    As agents have indeed limited their online discussions to “UFirst-friendly” sites, including the blogs listed above (which are closer to discussion forums than blogs), I have been discussing the MMA with agent Jaime Buckley on “The Whole Truth”, one of the blogs listed in the memo above.

    As of this comment, you won’t find my latest reply to Jaime, as it has been “awaiting approval” for over two weeks now.

    Turns out, it’s not UFirst’s “combined intelligence, experience and views” that I have to be worried about – it’s their ability to prevent comments critical of their product to show up on their own blog.

    If you want to read a date-stamped copy of what I did write to Jaime and the UFirst blog moderator, see the following link:


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