EchoStar executive didn’t earn college degree


Mark Jackson, president of EchoStar Corp. (NASDAQ:SATS), doesn’t have an engineering degree from Texas Tech, as had been claimed in numerous filings and public relations pieces. The fake degree was also listed in an annual report for ArchosSA, a French maker of portable music and video players.

The company’s explanation? It was a “clerical” error.  (Over and over? And no one ever noticed? Hardly.)

According to a Bloomberg piece:

EchoStar’s Web site said Jackson, president of EchoStar Technologies LLC, “earned his degree in electrical engineering from Texas Tech University,” without being more specific. The company, which sells satellite-television services and equipment, was spun off last year from Dish Network Corp., the second-largest U.S. satellite-TV provider.

Jackson “has never claimed to graduate from Texas Tech,” Marc Lumpkin, a spokesman for Englewood, Colorado-based EchoStar said in an interview. “This is an error on our part.”

The phony degree was uncovered by Barry Minkow and Fraud Discovery Institute.

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