Challenging property tax assessments


I recently got a very nice note from a gentleman who works in a city assessor’s office (not local to me). I thought I’d share it with you, and below is the video that he’s referring to.

I stumbled across your interview on CNBC with Carmen Wong Ulrich. The subject matter was appealing your property value to reduce your property tax liability. I think your explanation of the process was one of the better ones I’ve heard. I appreciate the fact that you didn’t disparage the work of the assessment professionals and you encouraged property owners to take the initiative to make sure their value was correct and to cooperate with the assessor by allowing them to inspect their property. I often find these interviews imply just the opposite that the assessors are incompetent and cooperation is optional

The above information should not be construed as tax advice. Each situation is different, and you should discuss your particular situation with a qualified tax professional.

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