flush1The clowns running Milwaukee Public Schools never fail to provide ample fodder for articles at the Fraud Files. I have written several articles here on how taxpayers are being cheated out of their hard earned money. We’ve made it too easy for MPS to do this to us.

We’ve been led to believe “it’s for the children.” No, it’s not. It’s for the employees, both unionized employees and administration. We’ve been fed the lie that more money equals better education. MPS has clearly demonstrated that’s not the case, wasting more than $14,000 per child per school year and still having a large percentage of children who can’t read or do math.

The latest outrage is a proposed budget which would force a 10% increase in property taxes. No, that’s not a typo. Last year we got hit with a 14.6% tax increase, and they want to stick it to us again with another 10% on top of that.

What’s even funnier is that the district is getting almost $100 million from the federal government under the fraudulent stimulus programs being created by the Obama administration. And MPS isn’t using this to offset the outrageous price taxpayers pay for this failing school district. They’re considering it as gravy, and going for even more from the pockets of taxpayers.

MPS wants $1.23 billion from taxpayers, with projected enrollment falling to an estimated 83,500 students. That’s a whopping $14,731 per student that the district wants to spend. And it appears the $100 million will be on top of that, adding over $1,000 per child that will be spent next school year.

That’s a more than 11% increase in spending per child over this school year. When does it stop?

And we should be outraged at the fraud, waste, and abuse of taxpayer money at MPS.  Not to mention the million dollar consultants who were hired to tell us how wasteful MPS is…  They found several easy and common sense ways for MPS to save $103 million each year.  What are the chances that the MPS administration will take these things seriously and actually work hard to reduce the burden on taxpayers? I say very slim, at best. They’re too busy laughing at us.

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