7 thoughts on “Will United First Financial Refund Your Money?

  1. Ingrid

    If you’d purchased this on your credit card contact your Credit Card Issuer. There’s a little known law in the US called Federal Regulation Z (Claim & Defense). It allows consumers to charge a purchase back beyond the 30 (or 60) day timeframe limit that your Credit Card Issuer (will no doubt remind you of) state on their disclosure materials.

    The transaction must occur in your home, state, or within 100 miles. The charge-back clock will start ticking from the day you contact your Credit Card Issuer> You have to act like you know what you’re talking about because the #1 game with these Credit card Issuing Institutions (banks and credit unions) is to not charge back purchases due to the high costs involved in doing so. I say, WTF!!…You pay enough interest and annual fees, let them do the ONE job they’re suppose to do…and that’s is to provide EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE!!

  2. Ingrid – I’m sure a MMA buyer can tell us for sure, but I am guessing the transaction occurs in Utah, and most buyers are outside of that 100 mile radius. Just another way UFirst skirts any laws that might go against them.

  3. Bill

    JoeTaxpayer / Ingrid – just more food for thought on the “location” issue – if there is a “point of origin” (I can’t remember the exact right word, but basically, if there is a “store” or “location” in the state) – then the company must charge sales tax.

    Case in point – I used to be able to order from L.L. Bean, and not pay sales tax, since they were based in Maine. However, they later opened a store in Maryland (an outlet in Columbia), so now I have to pay sales tax.

    Since every distributor is basically an independent business, then they must charge sales tax wherever there is a distributor.

    I vaguely remember reading something about how a law got passed that no matter where something was sold on the internet, sales tax must be charged, thereby bypassing the above requirement – but I am not sure if it passed, nor how it works.

    I offer this as information that may spur additional discussion.

  4. Jane the Plumber

    UMMM – yes…the MMA is a HUGE rip-off…..there is not money back guarantee . only a 3- day right of recission..no one will ever be able to get their money back unless they have financed the software. Just quit making payments..they have no collections in place other than a simple phone call from UFirst..they will not pursue anything else..no harm done to your credit nor any legal threat. dont keep paying because they are going under fast…they continue to fire people in their main Utah office. A company that is so poorly managed and such a rip-off (as the majority of MLM’s are)..just a matter of time

  5. Maurice

    I am another who got burned by not reading the contract closely for the MMA from United First Financial. I trusted the man selling it to be telling me the truth when he assured me of a “money-back guarantee if not completely satisfied.” So I decided to give it a try to see how it works. It does nothing that I don’t normally do myself in budgeting and paying off. It’s been a huge diappointment to me. When I contacted the regional sales manager (who sold this to me) and asked about a refund, his reply was simply “The company will do what it says it will do.” Stupid me for not reading the contract closely. I doubt ANYONE has ever received a refund. And I doubt anyone ever will. I smell SCAM!!!!!

  6. Ming WANG

    I was charged By United first financial back to Aug this year,After days I request to refund my $3500 sweating money,But they refuse.My wellsfargo bank file a claim,took last 2 months to try to get money back to me,but failed.Still they are trying.Those MMA is a smart reason to cheat and rob my money.I don’t know what to do ?can anybody contribute a smart advice to get money back.I’m exhausted now.Those UFF lier will go to hell one day if they continue doing business this way: they didn’t tell me 3 days cancellation policy,I didn’t sign any paper,but money just took by them.Who can dig out these social bugs?

  7. Terry

    I can not even access the MMA website any longer and can not contack these clowns by phone. Are they out of business? The state of Utah needs to bring charges on them if they are still in business.

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