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September 11 Tribute: Karen Lynn Seymour Dietrich

Eight years later, and the emotion of September 11 doesn’t go away. I remember how I felt that day. How friends and I leaned on each other as we tried to understand the terrible act that was carried out.

karenToday I pay tribute to Karen Lynn Seymour Dietrich, one of the 2,996 lives lost on that day.

Karen graduated first in her class at the French Culinary Institute, working at Garban Intercapital in the World Trade Center while she went to school. She is remembered as a dedicated employee who could always be counted on to get an important job done. At the time of her death, Karen was working on the development of an online bond trading platform for the ETC division of Barban Intercapital.  Karen also was an avid cyclist, ranked fifth among New Jersey women.

Karen is survived by her husband, William Dietrich. No doubt the love he felt for her still lives on today, and there will forever be an empty space in his life. She also left behind three-year-old twins, William and Sarah.  Her surviving family includes her parents, her sister, and her brother.

The Karen L. Seymour Fund at Liberty Science Center in Jersey City was established in her memory to “encourage greater global harmony by educating children and families of all backgrounds in the peaceful use of science and technology in the hope that future generations will be spared the pain and horror of this tragedy.”


  1. Tracy W

    I didn’t get to know Karen for long. But I worked with her at DB. She always had a smile and a listening ear. She was a great mentor. And when I had the opportunity to pursue a new path, she was the one I sound boarded off of to weigh the pros and cons. My life went a whole new direction for the better. I wish you had more time, Karen. I realize I just knew the top of the iceberg of your life.

  2. Lizz

    I JUST heard from my mom Karen died @ this terrible 911 🙁 I was sad to hear this. I met Karen one time MANY many years ago my sister use to date Glen well over 20 years ago because I have been married 23 years and Glen came to my wedding with my sister.

  3. DAMB

    Today I remember Karen, how I looked forward to seeing her, hearing about her twins. I had the please of working with her at DB and she will always live in my heart, mind and be in my prayers. Today I think about how old her twins must be and hope they are thriving in the world today.

  4. Jackie

    Today I remember my step-sister Karen and post in honor of her father David W. Seymour who passed away on August 20th, 2020. September 11th was a hard day for him and may others who experienced great loss. May we never forget this day in history and may we never allow terror attacks like this to happen ever again. May God’s peace be with you and reign over the USA.

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