6 thoughts on “Any Way You Slice It, the UFF Money Merge Account Loses

  1. Indeed. For every one agent that admits what James did (note, even in his concession speech, he tries to imply there’s some value to MMA) there are a hundred who continue with the lies.

    Back to James. He still suggests;
    A) “UFF show a few months behind from the start date since the 3500 is spent on the software and 3500 is going to the pay down on DYI.” – Well, the DYI doesn’t have that cost, this is the apple to apple comparison, no?
    B) “Will I offer my clients a refund?…I will tell them what this excercise has accomplished and the results and offer them it” – I’ve never heard of a successful refund request. UFirst will pull out the contract which is pretty tight.
    C) “If I decide to continue with UFF, i will be disclosing ……. do not have to know how to operate a detailed spreadsheet.” – If entering data into one cell each month, to tell it how much extra you sent to the mortgage is too complex, perhaps he should disclose the the sheet itself adds no value. That one can make the payments, and just watch their mortgage balance decrease.
    D) “being able to see and learn the future ramifications of their financial actions today. The ability to make current buying decisions on the true cost of a purchase. A spreadsheet does not offer that.” – Huh? Of course it does! That’s why it took me a hour to write and not just four minutes. Tell the sheet how much extra you plan to pay to your mortgage an it tells you how much time and interest you just saved.
    E) “Since a mass percentage of the public never will or ever has made additional deposits into the first mortgage, i will continue to strive to give them solutions that motivate them to do that.” – So he’ll continue to scam people? Under the guise of trying to help them. Nice.
    F) “Since the UFF was the first to hit the industry, like all technology, competition will drive down the cost of these types of programs” – To zero, I’d imagine, and some fines and/or jail time for those who started this one.
    G) “GOODBYE TO ALL!!!!” – and good riddance, I’d say.

    Not quite the concession I’ve extracted from a few other agents, but at least one step closer than most. Keep up the good work, Tracy

  2. j.w.e

    106,000 is my loan. 30 yr fix @ 5.50. mma says i can pay it off in 9.3 yrs. equity is floored @ 6. i dont understand how they get 9.3 yrs. can someone help me, please.

  3. Honolulu Sally

    LGrant and Tracy,

    I bought the MMA earlier this year. The hype and website were fantastic, and I plunked down my $3500 faster than you could count it. I had a lot of support from the company and enjoyed putting in my numbers, setting up my HELOC, and raring to go. After a few weeks into the program, and a lot of adjustments because of my circumstances and multiple factors, the limitations of this program became very evident. I ran into small glitches that would change the entire month’s action plan (which they said weren’t glitches but my fault because I don’t follow instructions), I became a time slave in inputting every transaction, and just recently, I asked for my money back.

    I have asked twice and thus far not able to get a single penny back.

    Please let me know if anyone has been successful in getting their money refunded for a product that promises the moon, but delivers cheese.

  4. Craig Hansen

    Sally, I’m very sorry to say that I do not know of anyone who has managed to get a dime back from UFirst. What they offer is not an unlimited satisfaction guarantee – you only have 3 days after purchase to back out. After that…they don’t return anything.

    You are invited to register a complaint against UFirst with the Utah Better Business Bureau:


    If you do, you’re not only fighting a company who does not want to return your money because your experience was unsatisfactory, you’re fighting against the clock because MMA sales are way, way down, and UFirst may go out of business. You may want to get in touch with others who have attempted to get refunds. There is at least one commenter on this site (Sandy?) who went the BBB route, but decided not to go through arbitration with the Utah BBB because she felt the BBB was not going to rule in her favour. Indeed, by the contract you signed, UFirst does not have to refund your purchase.

    With declining sales and almost no recruiting or training “events” compared to last year, UFirst may be close to going bankrupt. UFirst was ethically bankrupt from the moment the company was created.

  5. MIss MO

    I am not interested in a refund from UFF as I am financing the MMA software, but does anyone know a loop hole to even just get out of the contract to be able to stop making the monthly payments. I know that there is only a 3 day rescission clause in the contract, but my account login information was not even sent to me until 2 days after the singing of the contract. So I, like many others, only had about a day to test the software. Please let me know and any and all advice is appreciated.

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