Marc Randazza, First Amendment Lawyer

Randazza Legal GroupMarc J. Randazza is a truly amazing First Amendment Attorney. His firm, Randazza Legal Group is based in Las Vegas, but they handle cases across the country. It is impossible to appreciate how brilliant Marc is unless you have actually worked with him, and I have had that honor.

Marc and his team blog at The Legal Satyricon, a no-holds-barred publication where the lawyers speak their minds on all sorts of current events. He is an amazing writer, not just on the blog. I have had the pleasure of reading several of Marc’s briefs, and they are engaging, entertaining, and compelling.

Randazza has beaten copyright troll Righthaven to a bloody pulp. Marc told incompetent (according to a judge, anyway) and misguided “lawyer” Joseph Rakofsky (of the infamous Rakofsky v. Internet case) to shut the fuck up. And then Marc Randazza smacked Rakofsky down:

Rakofsky set the wheels of his own reputation’s demise in motion by exercising poor judgment. The wheels gained momentum due to Rakofsky’s unwillingness to take responsibility for his actions. Rakofsky now lashes out at others for his errors and omissions, and as unfortunate as it is that this suit has been filed at all, it will be a constitutional travesty if this case survived a Motion to Dismiss.

Marc Randazza, The Legal SatyriconRandazza defends the free speech rights of people he despises, because he believes so strongly in the right. He offends people – – one such writing was the infamous Fuck Brief – – and he defends the right of everyone to offend others with their words.

Thank you, Marc J. Randazza, for defending the Constitution. And for being an excellent lawyer, a wonderful writer, a committed advocate for his clients, and most of all…. an amazing human being. I am honored to know you. And I now call you a friend.

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