Sam Antar on Green Mountain: Inventory Changes Signal Trouble

Sam Antar Crazy Eddie CFOSam Antar, former CFO of Crazy Eddie, a massive fraud in the 1980s, has been following Green Mountain Coffee Roasters (GMCR) for a long time. He has pointed out red flags of fraud over and over, and the current problem is with the level of inventory. Sam has noted that the inventory of Green Mountain has grown to “toxic levels,” even when the company was beating revenue and earnings targets.

Here’s a recent interview in which Sam details the inventory issue at Green Mountain, along with a few other criticisms of management.

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  1. Ml

    This company sounds eerily familiar to a beverage company my father raised concerns about when he abruptly resigned as their CFO.
    It didn’t end well…a $680 million ponzi scheme was uncovered and the CEO, his wife and son were all sentenced to prison.
    Is there anyway this company won’t collapse in light of these red flags? (serious question, not rhetorical)

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