Herbalife Hides Behind IncomeAtHome


income-at-home-com-herbalifeYou’re listening to a national radio show with a popular host. You hear an advertisement for IncomeAtHome. You don’t know what it is, other than you can make an income while working at home. But why on earth would the voices not tell you exactly what this “business opportunity” is?

Because it is Herbalife. If you’ve heard the name, you likely equate the “opportunity” with things Amway and pyramid schemes.

Fortunately, there is a website devoted to unveiling the truth about Herbalife and Income At Home. The site digs into issues such as the secrecy surrounding Income At Home (why are they so desperate to NOT tell you that it is Herbalife???). There is also an excellent blog on the site, which is keeping current on the efforts of Bill Ackman to expose the fraud behind Herbalife and the company’s good fortune in having Carl Icahn volunteer to shill for them.

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