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Return on Investment for College Degrees

Sometimes it is fun to get away from the topics of fraud and divorce. I thought these were some great resources on some of the highest paying jobs to help you figure out where you might get the greatest return on your investment if you’re thinking about higher education. says some of the highest paying Bachelors degrees by salary include things like petroleum engineering, actuarial science, geophysics, and other science-y types of careers. You can search by major to see how what you’re interested in stacks up. It’s nice that they show both early career pay and mid-career pay. Public accounting comes in at #30 with early career pay of $57,500 and mid-career pay of $110,000.

They also have a list for highest paying Associate degrees, for those who might not be want to go to school for so long. The top degrees in that list are earning in the high $30s and low $40s in their early careers, and there are a lot of interesting sounding jobs in the list.


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